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You Can Complain About This Post

Well, his is awkward. I am just not up to making a chatty, fun blog post, and there is no chance of my getting up early enough to make one tomorrow morning (although that would be a record for me: three days in a row of late blog posts). I work overtime tomorrow, 5 to 11 a.m. Yuck! (YES, I am grateful to have a job and for the opportunity to make extra on overtime! Sheesh!).

That last parenthetical comment is because I KNOW at least a few of you out there are Just-Be-Grateful-Thats (should that be hyphenated or is just the capitalization enough?). You know how it is. You just want to let off a little steam with a perfectly legitimate gripe, and some Holier Than Thou sort has to tell you you have nothing to complain about. As if they never complain! And don’t tell me you never do, because I will not believe you.

You know, I think that little digression counts as half-baked philosophy. That makes this a Lame Post Friday post! I had not meant to celebrate Lame Post Friday, because it does not really feel like Friday when I have to work Saturday (not complaining, just an observation). Yet here we are. Happy Friday, folks!


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