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Happy 4th of July!

Is it too late to make my Fourth of July Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post? I don’t care if it is. I didn’t do a whole lot to mark the holiday. Usually I try to get some Samuel Adams beer but neglected to stop by Beer Belly Bob’s (just to slip in a plug for a local business). I drank some iced coffee from my Sam Adams glass instead.

Refreshing and patriotic!

In the afternoon, Kim and I went to visit out dear friends Phyllis and Jim. Our intent was to raise a glass of wine to a recently departed theatre friend. With that and the holiday in mind, I stopped at Ilion Wine and Spirits to get red, white and blue wine.

No, I did not drink all this wine.

We had a very nice time.

We weren’t the only guests.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Independence Day, however you celebrated it, or even if you didn’t celebrate.


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  1. I like the other guest!


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