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A 4th of July-ish Post

I am looking at the Snapped 4th of July Marathon on Oxygen and wishing I had some red, white and blue monsters to share, because, you know, Monstrous Monday. I have done nothing blogworthy today, although I suppose I could write about the two mile walk I took this morning. No endorphins were forthcoming.

I spent some time cleaning my house, with a few noticeable results, did a load of laundry, made a salad for the week’s lunches, fixed tomorrow’s lunch. I don’t know why I list all this, except that I find I have pathetically little to say.

A great memory.

I went to my Media Library, hoping to find a picture to pep up the post, and found this gem from July 2017. It is me and my late, greatly missed friend Phyllis, at Gerber’s 1933 Tavern in Utica, NY. I guess that makes this a Monday Memories post. Since the chairs are red and there is blue in my garment (not really sure what to call it) and Phyllis’ jeans, it is vaguely 4th of July-ish. I say it’s at least as Independence Day-y as a true crime show about women who kill.

Who, me? Have a breaking point?

I continue to watch Snapped as I write this, and even took a break to cook and eat some hot dogs. Hot dogs are 4th of July-ish.

Bonita’s boyfriend?

To end on a 4th of July monster, here is a picture I took on July 4, 2021, at Phyllis and Jim’s house. I think I have covered all the bases now: monsters, memories, 4th of July, and I am over 250 words. I say not bad for a Monday holiday post.


Happy 4th of July!

Is it too late to make my Fourth of July Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post? I don’t care if it is. I didn’t do a whole lot to mark the holiday. Usually I try to get some Samuel Adams beer but neglected to stop by Beer Belly Bob’s (just to slip in a plug for a local business). I drank some iced coffee from my Sam Adams glass instead.

Refreshing and patriotic!

In the afternoon, Kim and I went to visit out dear friends Phyllis and Jim. Our intent was to raise a glass of wine to a recently departed theatre friend. With that and the holiday in mind, I stopped at Ilion Wine and Spirits to get red, white and blue wine.

No, I did not drink all this wine.

We had a very nice time.

We weren’t the only guests.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Independence Day, however you celebrated it, or even if you didn’t celebrate.

Not Independent from Bad Movies

OK, it’s really one bad movie, one good movie and one… eh (making that so-so motion with one hand).  It is Independence Day, or the 4th of July.  Some people don’t like it when you say the 4th of July, but I wasn’t in love with that movie Independence Day, so I stopped using that phrase for a while (and now I hear there’s a sequel that’s even worse!).  (Full disclosure:  I was moderately entertained by Independence Day and do not rule out seeing it again) (I do not intend to watch the sequel, although it cannot be denied that shit happens).

Where was I? Ah yes, celebrating our country’s birthday.  Not really.  I do patriotic things when the opportunity arises, I try to honor my country always; today I’m just enjoying a day off with my beloved husband Steven and our recently acquired pooch, Spunky.  We had a lazy start to the day, although I eventually went running, did laundry and took the dog for a walk.  My main object of the day was to watch some movies.  That is what I will concern myself with in this blog post.

We started with The Vampire Bat, a DVD we purchased at Valley Exchange in Herkimer, NY.  It was not very far into the movie that I realized we had seen it before.  It is in fact included on our collection of 50 Horror Classics. I wrote a blog post about it.  The movie was 73 minutes according to my calculations, not 63 as claimed on the box.  Steven said it seemed longer.

Steven suggested Jaws next, as something that moves a little quicker.  We have watched this movie many times; it is one of our favorites, especially on the 4th of July (we also saw it once on Severed Head Sunday, which I also wrote a blog post about).  Next we put in a video cassette I purchased at a rummage sale, Monster from Green Hell. I can’t tell you much about that, because, quite frankly, I paid even less attention to it than I pay to most of the silly movies we watch. I’ll have to watch it again to write about it.

We stopped watching movies after the Monster and are looking at crime shows on cable television.  A Dateline on ID just started that we have already seen more than once.  I must stop blogging and find another show to watch. I hope you are all having a grand weekend.  I go back to work tomorrow.  Won’t that be fun?


Patriotic Run

In honor of Independence Day, I wore my ARMY t-shirt to go for this morning’s run.

I had originally thought I would be running every day this week, but with the flood… not so much. Monday and Wednesday I had to conserve my physical resources for hauling ruined junk out of the basement. Tuesday I had thought to do the same, but the basement had filled with water again. By the time I realized my little sump pump was not going to empty it in a timely fashion, it was too hot to run. I went to Curves instead, arguably a more strenuous workout.

Thursday (today), my husband is working from eight to 4:30, then from five to ten (five to ten sounds like a prison sentence, which is analogous to many jobs). I thought for what I planned on doing in his absence, I could be a little tired.

It was already warm when I started out, over 70 degrees with humidity. Yet I felt sure I could rock it. Then again, there was nothing wrong with taking a shorter run than planned, especially as the week was not turning into the work-out paradise I had envisioned.

I turned left from North Bellinger onto German Street, going toward where some of the flood damage was pretty bad. That section of German had been closed off all week, so I knew I might have to make a turn before too long.

Oh, it did look bad. A lovely stone fence in front of a beautiful historic-looking brick house is no more. The sidewalk got a little dicey at that point, but I was left side facing traffic as I went out into the road.

Then I saw that I could not loop around German onto Church Street as I had planned, because the bridge was closed. I was about to say I never heard about the bridge being closed, but I bet it did and I just don’t know what that bridge is called. It isn’t a very big bridge. Other than turn around the only thing I could do was go through the high school parking lot and see if their little foot bridge was still in use. It didn’t seem likely. I turned around.

I ran past all the side streets till I was beyond the flood zone. I ran down residential streets, enjoying flower beds that were not a muddy mess and curb sides not covered with people’s ruined stuff. I thought of pictures of New Orleans after Katrina and New Jersey after Sandy, and I felt fortunate.

But running was not getting any easier, because it was damn humid. I was not going to run as far as I had run on Sunday, 34 minutes, in case you wanted to know. I got back on my own street. How long would I run? Well, I would go a little way past the house, just to make it a full number. It seems a little silly to say I ran for 28 minutes 44 seconds.

Then I saw some neighbors talking on a porch, right about the time I wanted to be turning around. We exchanged good mornings and I kept running. I couldn’t very well run up to them, say good morning and run back home. Now that I’m writing this, I can’t quite explain my reluctance, but there it was. I ran around the block.

As I ran I reflected on the number of things people do just to keep from looking foolish. Like when I recently raised almost $600 for St. Baldrick’s Day, so I wouldn’t look silly in front of the other bald people (I don’t think any of them were concerned, but still). Then I thought, whatever makes you do the right thing.

So I made my 34 minutes, and my cold shower felt pretty refreshing (it will be a long while before my hot water heater is replaced and we get the gas turned back on). And I deem it patriotic enough on Independence Day to write about something I learned to love in the army.