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Thank You, Mona’s!

Thank God for Mona’s Diner! Last Saturday there was no food in my house. Oh, OK, I still had a dozen eggs. I could have made scrambled eggs or even an omelet (full disclosure: I had a little ham and cheese, too).

BUT my kitchen sink was clogged. It had happened the night before, when I was about half way through the dishes (yes, there were a lot of them for just me, don’t judge). I thought I had solved the problem with Liquid Plumber, a small plunger, and time. When I went to finish doing the dishes Saturday morning, I found I had done no such thing. I tried by best to finish the dishes anyways, with questionable success (don’t worry: I’ll rewash the questionable ones before I use them; I’m lazy, I’m not an animal).

I was disinclined to dirty more dishes. In fact, I was quite discouraged to find I had missed a glass (the previous afternoon’s iced coffee, which I had brought upstairs with me when I went to shower and change before going to visit Steven at the nursing home).

All this by long way of explaining why I treated myself to breakfast at Mona’s Diner in Mohawk, NY. The waitress carried a mug and the pot of coffee over to my table when I arrived, to save time when she asked would I like coffee. Oh yes! Even if I did have some earlier. Coffee is almost always welcome.

I ordered a wrap sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese. It was large and yummy! I felt well able to face the rest of my day.

Mona’s is located at 32 E. Main St., Mohawk, NY. You can follow her on Facebook for pictures of all the good food she has to offer.


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