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Short Vitamins But Not Iron(y)

So I followed up Sunday’s apology post with not posting on Monday. What was that all about, me? Of course I was tired. I seem to be tired every damn day of my life lately. Could I be lacking B vitamins? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Be that as it may, I really do not want to stop blogging, even as I feel increasingly unable to make a decent post. So what am I doing now? Spilling my guts for all the blogosphere to see? Yuck! SAY IT AIN’T SO!

Let us consider this a Tired Tuesday Post. And another apology for not posting. I owe a few local businesses and musicians shout-outs by now. I hope to get to at least one tomorrow. Full disclosure: I may instead go to Ilion Food Truck Frenzy to hear the Posers again. It would make a great blog post, which I will be too tired to post. The irony is not lost on me.


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  1. You gotta do you.
    Go to the rally and have a ball –
    Write about that. ❤️

  2. Greetings…! The long lost reader appears! I have a suggestion, get a cheap digital camera or use your phone, and take pics. A picture is worth a thousand words , and there is value in snap shots. You can write or just let the readers guess whats happening. but it might help you if you cant get to writing until the next day or if you want to compare or contrast visually informative musings.

    so I will stop suggesting, because I am having a hard time picking up my camera these days too.

    • That is a good suggestion. As it happens, I have a number of pictures on my Tablet for posts I just can’t seem to get around to making. Only I will have to lift my self-imposed minimum of 200 words. Then again, as Bette Davis said in Death on the Nile, “Rules are made to be broken, especially my rules by me.”


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