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Another Fun Fratello’s Night

We went to Fratello’s Pizzeria in Frankfort, NY yesterday (Wednesday)for food and music. Full disclosure: I mostly wanted to order a salad so I would have leftovers for my lunch Thursday and Friday.


We grooved to the sounds of Matt Grainger. I love his guitar work. We sang along to most of the songs. Luckily not very loudly (neither of us has the best voice).

I got an Antipasto while Steven got a small garlic pizza. He nicely gave me a piece of it. Yum! He was a little concerned when he ordered that it would be too large. I pointed out that pizza leftovers are good too, for breakfast or lunch. A guy at the bar pointed out that leftover pizza is good hot or cold. In fact, I am enjoying a cold piece as I type this in early Thursday morning.

As usual, we got great service from our favorite bartender, Toni. I admired her pen.

The tail wiggled when she wrote.

I do enjoy these week night adventures, even when I don’t write about them right away


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