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Should I Be A Yesferatu?

It is appropriate that I make my Thursday post Friday morning, because I work Saturday, thereby rendering my Friday Thursday-like. Monday through Friday workers understand. Others are welcome to roll their eyes and say, “Must be nice!” or “Amateur!” or whatever snide comment comes to mind. I guess a Non-Sequitur Thursday post is similarly appropriate, although I would rather prefer a Throwback Thursday. Perhaps I could combine the two. I’ve had my coffee.

An artist’s depiction of me reacting to Saturday overtime

Last night my husband, Steve, and I drove into Rome, NY, to my parents’ house. My Aunt Stefi was visiting, as was my sister Vicki. Discussion turned to my blog. Vicki expressed her enjoyment of my shared pictures of Nosferatu.

“He’s my favorite,” I admitted, which regular readers may know. This picture is a definite throwback, since the movie was released in 1922. Coincidentally, 22 is my favorite number.

I get a little confused.

Here is an image appropriate to Non-Sequitur Thursday. I recall one morning arriving to work at a sadly early hour and thinking, “I wish it was Thursday instead of Wednesday.” Pause. “Idiot, it’s Tuesday.”

This is a rather silly post. You’ll have that, especially with me. On the brighter side, I am up to 200 words. Score! Will I make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday? We shall see. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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