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Is Anybody Still Tuned In?

OK, this is it: I have got to start blogging again. My problem is, all I really want to talk about is how crappy I feel. How tiresome is that! I do feel better than I felt when I first fell ill. However, I do not feel capable of doing anything useful or creative. I am rather in dread that this is my new normal.

One consolation: this is excellent as a Wrist to Forehead Sunday post. I have never felt more like swooning in despair, dramatically posed with the back of one wrist to my forehead. Why, oh why, have I never provided myself with a chaise lounge? It is clearly a necessary piece of equipment.

Now I feel a little better, because I am laughing at myself and my own self-dramatization. It is not easy being me, but it is reasonably entertaining.

For the record, I did try to return to work last Thursday. I had been off since Monday of the previous week (that is, Jan. 31 to Feb. 9) (Yikes! That’s a long time!). I made it through four miseeable hours and went home. I did not try again on Friday. I hope to try again on Monday. Eventually I hope to feel better enough to do a few things worth blogging about. I hope I have readers left by then!


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  1. Hope you feel better soon Cindy. I like reading your posts, but can’t always read them in a timely manner(scrolling makes me dizzy and nauseous). Take care of yourself. You’re a really cool person. Stay safe and enjoy what you can. Much love, debbie

  2. I’m still here and I really hope you feel better soon. I still have my bad days since having COVID.

  3. Im a slow reader, but still a fan and a reader!!! Hugs to you and that other bit character in your drama rama…thats what we used to call you all at Potsdam, Do you remember the artsy fartsy table and the drama rama table at the union? Pitiful that we all had to grow up. (heheheh)

    • I remember being a drama rama, although privately I called it the Trauma Department. We didn’t have a table in the Union the years I was there. Nothing wrong with growing up, although some would argue I haven’t done that yet (teehee).


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