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If You Can’t Say Anything Lame…

It is another Late Lame Post Friday Post. I went ahead and capitalized Late, because being late on my Friday post has gotten to be a kind of a thing with me. Do I have anything of substance to say? I don’t need to! It’s Lame Post Friday! At least it was, less than six hours ago (I get up early).

I pause to sip my coffee and to say once again, Thank God for coffee!


Last night I cooked a yummy supper involving onions. Full disclosure: this picture is from 2018. I did not take a picture last night, and I haven’t upgraded the blog to include new pictures anyways. Also, I chopped the onions smaller. But I think a picture peps up the post.

In case you’re interested, when the onions were cooked, I added leftover potatoes and a can of mushrooms. When the potatoes were hot, I whisked a couple of eggs and poured them in. I sprinkled on a little Mrs. Dash, pepper and salt before serving.

I guess this could now count as a cooking post. I don’t mean to put myself up there with real cooking blogs; I mean the people who really know what they are doing, what you would call a chef as opposed to just a cook. Am I perhaps being a trifle arrogant to think my frying pan leftovers are of interest to the blog reading public?

Hey, that sound like a philosophical question! Regular readers (if I still have any) know I love to indulge in half-baked philosophy on Lame Post Friday. I think this has turned into a half-way decent blog post. Or do I flatter myself?


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