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Not Friday and Not 200 Words

I do feel like an idiot.

I kept thinking about this meme while I was at work today. It is the curse of the Monday through Friday worker. However, I have worked many work schedules: six on, three off; four twelve hour days, three off; retail hours with no regularity and no weekends off… Monday through Friday day shift suits me very well, if I have to work, which I do.

As you may have guessed, this is another post where I rattle on about nothing in particular till I get to 200 words. I have got to get out of the house for more than work so I can have some stuff to write about!

In the meantime, I shall bill this as a Tired Tuesday Post. I am feeling tired, as per usual. In fact, I feel too tired to rattle on for the full 200 words. I hope my readers will forgive me and tune in tomorrow, when I hope it will not be Wuss-out Wednesday.


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