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PS It Is Over 200 Words

Hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! For my Non-Sequitur Thursday Post, I will look for pictures with green in my Media Library.

Is it easy being green?

Here is Bridezilla and Groom from the Halloween Party at the Herkimer VFW last October. At my wedding, the bridesmaids wore green. I do not have any pictures from that, alas.

Maybe it is easy being green.

Here is our Rose of Sharon, with, it seems, only one bloom. She has sported more at other times.

I forgot about this one!

This was taken in Little Falls, NY, near the antiques shops at Canal Place.

Can you see my green eyes?

OK, here is a silly one. It is a selfie from when I was doing a challenge to raise awareness of diabetes: do 34 minutes of exercise for 34 days, and post a selfie, because over 34 million Americans suffer from diabetes. At least that was the number on 2020. I include the picture, because I was wearing the same headband today.

I have not reached my usual goal of 200 words. However, I will sign off now so as to avoid finishing this post tomorrow morning, with or without coffee. If only I could think of a punchy title worthy of Non-Sequitur Thursday, I would be reasonably content.


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