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Was It Something About Mice and Men?

My best-laid plans to return to daily posts are not coming to fruition. What is that quote about “best-laid plans” anyways? I cannot bring it to mind, if I ever even heard the full quote. But never mind that (although I could do a whole post about famous quotes and how they get mangled). I am just trying to make some post, any post.

I really have no excuse for not posting, other than my usual struggles with depression. I cringe a little when I type that (one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet, just to give you the picture). I am embarrassed to admit I let my depression keep me from doing things. I am embarrassed to admit my depression. What is depression, really, but me whining about how I don’t feel happy. What is my problem, anyways?

But, depression and other mood disorders are real problems for some people. Would I shame someone else for admitting they suffer from depression? I hope not. I hope I would encourage them to seek help. So while a part of me wants very much to delete the last paragraph, another part says, “No, let it stand. Admit you have a problem.”

Don’t all the self-help gurus say you should do the thing you fear? Well, I fear what my friends and family will think if they happen to read this post. Goodness, I just asked a co-worker yesterday if he still read my blog (he said, “Why? Did you say something about me?” I guess I just did). What if he reads this? Oh dear.

In any case, I see I am over 250 words. I think I will bill this as a Non-Sequitur Thursday Post. If only I had a good headline…


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  1. I’m not a psychologist or even a therapist, but being depressed for a short time shouldn’t make you feel bad. And it is A O. K.

    What isn’t ok is staying depressed -which you aren’t since here you. Life is a mountain, with its ups and downs. Even those who seem successful, those who seem to have a grip on their life feel down at some point. I guess that’s what makes us humans and another reason to celebrate climbing up another mountain -which you have having posted this. You got this!

    • Thank you. I sometimes spend more time in the valleys than the peaks, and sometimes the climb out seems more than I can handle. I didn’t think of this post as a step out of the valley, but I guess it was. Hopefully I can find my way to the next step up.

  2. I read your post. I understand. It’s our secrets that kill us. Good on you for facing and naming depression for what it is and what it does! I stand with you in fighting the stigmatization of invisible illnesses.
    You are not alone. ❤️

  3. The stigma for mental illnesses is so bad, many people don’t seek treatment for fear of what family, friends, coworkers, etc will say or do. But not getting help is like someone with a terminal disease ignoring the symptoms for fear of bad news. Wishing you wholeness, and thanks for writing


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