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I started to make a blog post last night but realized I was too tired. I start to make one just now and realize I am too depressed. I know, I know, one must write no matter what one’s mood. Still, this being a blog about my life, I feel my moods are relevant. And who wants to read a whole post about how depressed I am?

Well-meaning advisors might say, “Fine, you’re depressed. Write about that.” However, I have often found that writing about what bothers me does not have the cathartic effect one expects. Additionally, if I put it out on the internet for all to see, anybody can chime in with things like, “Oh, quit complaining, lots of people have it worse.” It is quite true, of course, but I already knew that and it doesn’t help.

What does seem to help is writing something, anything, because I feel somewhat better than I felt in the first paragraph. What’s that all about, me?

My conundrum now is whether or not I should publish this. I mean, I intend to publish it, under the heading Any Blog Post Is Better Than None, but, really, should I? It helped me to write it, but that does not mean it will entertain anybody to read it. Oh well, at the very least it might encourage others: “Look at that crap she published! At least my blog is better than that!” Thus I comfort myself and look to make a better blog post later.


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