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Maybe Not Exciting, But At Least On Time!

Well, here I am, making my Lame Post Friday post ON Friday.  It is very exciting for me.

That is a saying of mine, by the way, that I am very excited about something or something is very exciting for me.  For example, when I accidentally wear the same shirt as someone at work, I say, “Look, we’re shirt twins!  I’m very excited to be shirt twins.”  Or when I am about to do something, anything (mop the floor, pick up the mail, do any task that may occur in an ordinary day), “It will be very exciting for me,” I assure whoever I am telling it to.

I do not know if I have explained that properly.  I dislike the expression, “You had to be there,” but this may be, in fact, more of an “in person” kind of joke.

Now I am wondering if this is not a really dumb post, even for Lame Post Friday.  I wonder if I should not save this under “Drafts” (if not just delete it entirely) and start over again.  Then I re-read it again and think, maybe it’s not too bad.  Or do I flatter myself?  I am too tired to be a competent judge.  Indeed, we are seldom the best judges of our own work, tired or not.

In any case, I feel too tired to come up with anything better, and I see I am over 200 words.  Score!  Perhaps I can make a better blog post tomorrow.  It will be very exciting for me.



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  1. Reading this post was very exciting for me!


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