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Here is something new for me. I am trying to make a blog post on my phone. So far, I am not loving it.

My favorite band!

I add a picture to pep things up.  Hmmm.. the predictive text thingy on my phone is not as predictive as the one on my Tablet.

Anyways the picture is from last Saturday when I went to hear The Posers at Ilion Elks Lodge. I had meant to write a whole post about it, but I kind of got in my own way.

Here are a few more pictures. Thus I make a short blog post when I feared I would make none at all.


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  1. Thank you for coming to The Elks and for this post about us. It’s always an extreme pleasure seeing you out and about and dancing like an Angel. The Posers love you very much and always appreciate your support.

  2. Was the Drummer part of The Posers? He looks really young.


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