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Winging Through Another Blog Post

I thought I could manage a Non-Sequitur Thursday Post.  Earlier I considered going to Cacciatore’s in Ilion, NY for music and 75 cent wings.  I’m a sucker for chicken wings.  However, like last night, I decided bra off was a better way to go (do NOT tell me TMI! I hate that expression!).


Once again I throw in a picture to pep things up.  Since I am billing this as Non-Sequitur Thursday, I looked for something unrelated.  These are the Brown-eyed Susans that grow around my deck.  I am SO ready for spring, as I suppose many folks are.  Yesterday at work, a woman said how much she was looking forward to working in her garden.  I agreed with her then confessed that what I was really looking forward to was sitting on my front porch with a cup of coffee or glass of wine.


 Jan in a pan!

I thought another unrelated picture would be appropriate.  It is from The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, which I think is my favorite cheesy horror movie, and I watch a lot of cheesy horror movies.

Not quite how the neighborhood looks right now. For one reason, it’s dark out.

I close with a winter picture, because we are experiencing more winter weather these days.  Of course that is to be expected in February.  As they say (although I am not clear on who they are), better days are coming!  Will better blog posts follow?  I can hope, but no promises.  For one reason, tomorrow is Lame Post Friday.



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  1. Mary VanderVoort

    I was sending you a message and it got lost, so if you get it anyway, this is why you are gettig another, I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved husband. I do know how it feels, and I think you are handling it well. All I can say is cherish your memories and find reasons to be happy every day. Love, Aunt Mary


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