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Friday’s Post

This is an especially late Lame Post Friday post. In fact, I almost skipped it entirely.  I am sitting at my parents’ kitchen table with my Tablet, pecking in one letter at a time with the stylus.  It is, in fact, not my stylus but a stylus pen from my parents’ church.  I saw it on the table and appropriated it.

Here is a question:  why does autocorrect not recognize plural possessive?  I learned it in seventh grade (I learned all grammar and punctuation in seventh grade and suffered for the next five years when they made me study it again):  when a plural ends in s, to make it a possessive, just add the apostrophe.  Hence, parents’, not parents’s.  But autocorrect wants to make it parent’s. What the hell, autocorrect, does everybody only have one parent?

Also, regarding the parenthetical comment in the preceding paragraph:  I did not really learn that much in seventh grade English.  My teacher was kind of a superior old twit.  I realized years later that I read so much I absorbed the rules by osmosis.  Miss Twit just verbalized what I didn’t know I already knew.  But I do remember hearing the apostrophe rule from her, so credit where credit is due.

This nonsense has gotten me over 200 words.  Woohoo!  Now I have to go make myself useful elsewhere.



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  1. I agree on the Comma’s. I hate that we can’t use them correctly.


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