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Who Could Stress Over Throwback Monsters?

I thought I would do a Throwback Thursday Post.

Is 1922 far back enough?

Or maybe a Mid-Week Monsters Post.  I usually do those on Wednesday, the actual middle of the week, but I would think Thursday or Tuesday would be acceptable.  This, of course, is title character from Nosferatu, one of my favorite movies.

As you may have guessed, I ain’t got much tonight.  Today I let myself feel so stressed, I actually made myself sick.  Not in the sense if, “You make me sick!” I had physical symptoms.  What the hell, me?  I am feeling better now, from the symptoms and the stress.

Is that really how you spell symptoms? It doesn’t look right.  Yes, it is correct.  I just looked it up in the dictionary: an actual book I have had for years.  It was a gift from a friend, and I treasure it.

This is what I don’t got right now.

I thought it was time for another picture.  This is The Brain from the Planet Arous. Regular readers know I like to share his picture when I am feeling particularly brainless.  Perhaps I become redundant.  You’ll have that when you are brainless.

Sometimes you just have to put on the pointy hat and remind them who they are dealing with.

I close with the Wicked Witch of the West from, of course, The Wizard of Oz. At work, when I pick up a broom I often refer to it as my method of transportation.  It is not an original joke, but it usually gets a laugh.

I am going to count this post as a Throwback Thursday Post as well as a Mid-Week Monsters Post, because all my monsters are from old movies.  There is nothing wrong with being old.  I myself am old enough to know better, although I do not often act on the knowledge.



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