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I Ran, I Blogged, I Celebrate?

I went for a run earlier so thought I might try a Running Commentary Post.  The Utica Boilermaker 15K is two months from today.  Yikes!  This means I will be doing more Running Commentary Posts as my training intensifies, eventually going All Boilermaker All The Time.

I had it in mind to  run today since I did not run yesterday.  As my bones began to creak more and more throughout the day, I still kept it in mind. A couple of times I did ask, “What the hell, body?  I’m not even 60 yet!”  When I got home I was TIRED.  I said to myself, “Just try.  Just do the best you can.”

So I got into running clothes and started out.  Oh, was I running thunkily!  Stupid autocorrect seems to think “thunkily” is not a word, but I assure you that is how I was running.  However, one thing I have learned is to Just Keep Going.

As I Just Kept Going, I reminded myself that I have often said that I can put up with almost any amount of suck for just about as long as I decide to.  Of course this started me thinking about a few other things that suck in my life these days.  I reminded myself that I could put up with those, too.  I guess I need a lot of reminders.

The highlight of the run was when I stopped to pet a dog.  No, not because I got to stop!  I like to pet dogs! Sheesh! This was about halfway through my run, when I began to think it wasn’t such a bad run and maybe I would make it after all.

Still, I was counting the minutes.  I had decided to run for 22 minutes.  I plan to run 44 minutes this weekend, so I went for half that.  Additionally, 22 is my lucky number.  As I approached my house I wondered if I shouldn’t try for a little longer.  My body said, “No! Don’t!”  I had to run past the house to make it the full 22 minutes, but I made it.

On my cool-down walk I paused to sniff a neighbor’s lilacs.   That was the second highlight of my run.  I was glad I had run, however thunkily.   And I have made my Tuesday blog post on Tuesday.  I have to celebrate every win, however small.



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