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Does Santa Give Coal to Bad Bloggers?

Some bloggers have guest bloggers or re-blog others’ blogs on a Sunday.  Maybe I should consider doing something like that.  Or I could keep having posts like Wrist to Forehead Sunday, when I really don’t feel capable of posting anything good, yet I like to post every day.  Oh, what the hell.  You can always feel smugly superior, all you bloggers who make better posts than this on a regular basis. Or you can just point and laugh.  You know who you are.

So Christmas Eve is one week from today.  Am I ready for such a thing?  Of course not!  Why would I be!  But I am tremulously happy that I have five more days of work, then a week and a day off.  Yes!  You would not think it was a mere three weeks since I had time off, or that I have had every weekend off for a very long time.  I can’t help how I feel.  I want some time off.  I’m sure many people can understand this feeling.  Those of you who can’t, well, congratulations on your far superior work ethic.

Where was I?  Ah yes, nowhere in particular.  Just trying to type a few remarks in so I can continue to pretend to be a daily blogger.  I hope you are all having a lovely December.  Steven and I had a few friends over last night.  I guess you could call it a Christmas party, although I usually invite more of a crowd to a party (so any local friends who are thinking, “She didn’t invite ME to her party,” please don’t feel bad).  We had a very fun time.

I did a very little Christmas shopping this morning.  And by “very little,” I’m afraid I mean I purchased one present for one person may or may not like it  and bought a bunch of stuff for myself.  In my defense, most of what I bought for myself was yarn to make more afghans which I will give away (I have plenty of afghans of my own).  It is not a great defense, however, because I love to sit on my couch, watch TV, and crochet an afghan.

Speaking of which, that is exactly what I want to continue to do.  This is Wrist to Forehead Sunday merely because I fear I am not making a good blog post.  I am having a rather enjoyable time apart from that.  I hope my readers have had a wonderful weekend.


Was it the Wine?

So there I was, having a completely Wrist to Forehead Sunday, when Steven came home, poured me a glass of wine, and suddenly everything looked a little bit better.  Was it the wine or the husband?  I try not to look too closely into these things (it was the husband).

I am typing rapidly (TRYING to think rapidly, but let’s not ask for miracles) so that we can move on to the movie watching portion of the afternoon.  We plan to watch Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.  We watched a different version of that one some time ago, and I wrote part of a blog post about it. I thought I could complete the blog post with a compare/contrast kind of thing (preview of coming attractions) for Movie Matinee Monday.

Steven just ordered some food from Carney’s Corners in Herkimer, NY (just to throw in a shout-out to a local business). I suddenly realize how hungry I am, now that I have to wait 20-25 minutes (according to the woman on the phone).  Well, one can’t always have instant gratification.

Additionally, I am working on yet another afghan.  I ran out of pink for the one I was working on so started a new one.  This one will be red, white and blue; and I expect to run out of white.  I really must learn how to make smaller things, so I can use up the odds and ends of yarn one inevitably saves.  I suppose I could do that at any time, since I have purchased numerous books about knitting and crochet. But I don’t think I should do it on Wrist to Forehead Sunday, do you?