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More Writing about Not Writing

Writing continues to elude me.  Could I just be lazy?  I must admit the possibility.  However, I did my best.  I did not bring a play to read or a puzzle book or even a couple of cryptograms cut out of the newspaper (it’s the Times Telegram and they call it the Cryptoquote, if you’d prefer I was more specific).  I only had my notebook and own meager brain with which to entertain myself on breaks.

Perhaps if I would have made the attempt, started to work on blog post, article or play, the words would have flowed.  Or I might have sat staring at a blank page, feeling stupid (I do NOT need any remarks about how that might be a most appropriate feeling) (you know who you are).  I went another way and started writing a letter to my sister.  Hey, at least I was writing! (Say, would that be a good title for today’s post?)

While I worked I tried to think about my banana play.  Full disclosure:  I had to keep leading my mind back to it.  All these dumb things kept popping into my head!  Mostly memories, including several old grudges I really need to let go of.  I considered making a few of those folks characters in the play or some future play or novel, then killing them off.  How satisfying would that be?  Perhaps I could try it and let you know.

In the meantime, after giving myself a stern talking-to about forgiveness and letting go of crap, I thought some more about the characters I have so far (NONE based on any people I actually know) and what might happen to them next.  I came up with a few ideas.  I’m thinking it would be a good idea to stop rambling on in this blog post and see if I can write anything down.  Then perhaps I could start working today on tomorrow’s blog post.  I used to do that all the time, when my hours were different and my bedtime later.

As for today, let’s call it another Tired Tuesday.  Those of us who were fortunate enough to enjoy a three day weekend know how tiring they can be.  Those of you who worked all weekend can bask in feelings of superiority and make whatever snide comments you like. If you make them in the comment section of this post, I will answer you politely.  I shall hope to see you all on Wednesday, when I may or may not Wuss-out (a little suspense adds spice to the blog).