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Cider Mill Sunday

Because Steven had a rare Sunday off, I suggested we make our annual trip to Fly Creek Cider Mill. I had made the suggestion before suffering the back pain that’s been plaguing me and cluttering up my blog posts, but I was determined to let nothing interfere with a fun day with my favorite husband.

I love the drive out towards Cooperstown. Twisty — not too twisty — country roads through the mountains with incredible views. There was still plenty of color in the trees, although some areas were what they call past peak.

We listened to our Halloween CD as we drove. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned our Halloween CD before. It started out as a cassette tape Steven made when he worked at a radio station up north in the ’90s. It was for use as pre-show music for a play our community theatre was presenting. When we lived in Georgia, a friend who had equipment transferred the songs onto CD, adding a few we had acquired since. It is a fun CD.

Fly Creek was a little crowded, but people were mostly polite and good-natured. Of course I went around and tried all the free samples. We purchased some wine, wasabi peas and treats for Tabby. Then we wandered outside to feed the ducks.

On the way back to Herkimer, we stopped, as usual, at Dyn’s Cider Mill. We discovered Dyn’s some years ago, on our first trip to Fly Creek. It is smaller and much lower key but quite charming. We each got a freshly made donut, and Steven had a cup of coffee while I enjoyed some hot cider. I purchased, also as usual, some Dyn’s popcorn. I will enjoy that on some not too distant Sunday with crime shows or cheesy movies.

We rounded out our Mohawk Valley morning back in Herkimer with a late breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner. Then we went home so I could rest my back prior to implementing our afternoon plans.