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Too Much Turkey to Type!

Must… make… blog… post…

You know, like in a super hero comic book, or graphic novel or something.  I am VERY tired and SO tempted to just bag it.  After all, I made a blog post earlier. True, it was not today’s blog post, but must we be didactic about these things?

How good of a blog post do I need to make on a holiday, anyways?  Well, considering the low quality of most of my recent offerings, I guess it could go either way.  Perhaps I SHOULD make a decent post since so many others have been foolish.  On the other hand, if this is another foolish post, it will only be par for the course.

It might be nice to make a Thanksgiving post, saying how grateful I am for things.  I am SO grateful for my family.  I got to see almost all of them today.  That is, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.  I’d like to see some aunts, uncles and cousins sometime too.  Then again, how many people can you reasonably visit with in a day?  At least I got a lot of hugs.

It is difficult to blog after a heavy dinner, two pieces of pie and, yes, a few glasses of wine. But  I can’t feel too bad about another foolish post.  I feel wonderfully happy, because I had a delightful day.  Happy Thanksgiving,  everybody!



Happy Wuss-Out

What a good day for a Wuss-Out Wednesday. Tomorrow (Thanksgiving) begins a four day weekend for me. Anybody who does not have a four day weekend, please don’t hate on me; I didn’t always have it.

Where was I? Nowhere in particular. I tried to write something today while at work (YES, it was on a break, HELLO!). Not so good. I wrote a half-page or a page on my novel, though. Maybe it wasn’t any good, but the relief of seeing words appear on the page is undeniable.

So I have no post and no ideas for a post. In my defense, the weather made it ineligible to go for a run or a walk after work. Don’t give me that scornful look; that’s not nice. I did not care to run on icy sidewalks. My dog does not care to walk when there is precipitation. I don’t know why I am justifying myself to you who are, after all, probably sitting indoors right now looking at a computer of some sort.

My dear husband suggested that I merely say Happy Thanksgiving and leave it at that. Really not a bad idea. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, or just plain Happy Wednesday.

Was that weird that Thanksgiving is actually tomorrow while Hanukkah and Wednesday are today? I do hate to be asymmetrical. Then again it may be appropriate for a Wuss-Out Wednesday.