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Lame Flutters, Not Butterflies

We all knew this would be Lame Post Friday, and here it is.  I had a few thoughts about what I could write about, just some general commentary.  None of it seemed good enough in my head to try to put it on paper, and I had to look over my lines anyways.

The lines, by the way, are for Steel Magnolias at Ilion Little Theatre.  We play tonight and tomorrow, March 10 and 11, at 8 p.m., and Sunday, March 12 at 2 p.m.  Then we have the CAST PAR-TAY!!!  Which I may duck out of early, because I did not take Monday off.  I thought taking two Mondays off in a row was excessive.  Additionally, my husband Steven, who just happens to have the day off, plans to clean the house that day.  My job is way easier than cleaning a house as bad as mine!

For any local readers planning to go see the show, I advise you to purchase your tickets online (which you can do by clicking on the Ilion Little Theatre link in the previous paragraph) or get to the theatre early.  We are hoping to sell out.  Of course, we may not sell out.   We did not sell out last weekend, although we had pretty good houses.  We had very appreciative houses, I may add.  They laughed at the jokes!  They clapped at the end!  We even got a standing ovation on Sunday!  Ooh, I LOVE live theatre!

I am not having the butterflies that plagued me last Friday.  My stomach is not entirely quiet, but the flutters are less intense.  That is to be expected.  As the time draws nearer to my departure, the butterflies increase.  They are not the beautiful, colorful creatures we love to watch floating from flower to flower in the summer.  Therefore, I will stop calling them butterflies and henceforth refer to them as merely “flutters.”  As I come closer to my time to depart, the flutters increase.  That’s much better.  In a way.  Happy Friday, everyone.


Literally Running Lines

Do you like that title?  I thought of it while I was at work today.  I wanted to run, since I had taken two days off, and I need to work on my lines for Steel Magnolias (remember, that play I’m in at Ilion Little Theatre?).  Steven would be home and was willing to run them with me.  I decided to do both chores at once by running in place on the mini-tramp.

As I drove home, I regretted my plan, because it was unseasonably warm and the sidewalks looked not too bad.  However, I have lines to work on and a husband to spend time with.  I put on indoor running clothes and cleared off the tramp (it is such a handy place to put things!).  I set a bottle of water on the coffee table and got going.

As often happens when running on the mini-tramp, I felt I was moving faster than I do outside.  I really don’t enjoy the up/down motion of running in place as much as the low shuffle of running down the street.  I also like the changing scenery better than the television.  However, I was not supposed to be looking at the television; I was supposed to be thinking about my lines.

And I didn’t do too badly.   Some of the lines I had forgotten but remembered when Steven gave me the cue.  Some of the longer lines I did not know word for word.  But I feel pretty confident to go to rehearsal and not have my book in my hand.  For Act I Scene 1, at least.  Imagine my chagrin when I chatted with a fellow cast member via Facebook and found out we are doing Act II Scene 2.  Oh well, I have all day at work tomorrow to study that one some more.

As for my run, I ran in place for 28 minutes, six minutes more than I ran on Sunday.  Woohoo!  I only walked a three minute cool-down, because walking around the house just not as good as walking around the block.  I felt pretty pleased with myself for getting some exercise, and for giving myself something to write a blog post about, complete with headline.  Was it a great blog post?  Perhaps not, but I can’t worry about that now.  At least it wasn’t Wuss-out Wednesday.  Hope to see you all on Non-Sequitur Thursday.