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But I Don’t Like This Re-Run

I have mentioned before how if I write at all, I can write more. For example, after I write my blog post I suddenly find myself writing more on my novel. So could somebody please explain to my WHY when I have written two pages on my novel each of the past two days, I sit here on completely blank. Yes, I did make a blog post yesterday. I wrote it on Tuesday.

I can’t feel too awful, because it is HUGE that I am working on my novel again. I’m writing scenes I didn’t even know I needed. In fact, how could I know I needed them, when I didn’t even know that character was going to die or even that she existed before she was dead. Or dear, I’ve said too much. Never share your plot secrets! What am I thinking?

The answer to that question is always: I’m not (it works with every pronoun) (I don’t need to go through that do I? What are you thinking? What was he thinking? You aren’t! He wasn’t! You get it). I’m not thinking because I am apparently incapable of logical thought. It certainly feels that way. So, yes, here we are right in the middle of a Post About Why I Can’t Write a Post.

Then again, it is Non-Sequitur Thursday. If only I could think of a punchy but not related headline, I could hit publish and return to my knitting and television. If only there was a better re-run of Snapped on, my life would be perfect.