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St. Patrick Sausage Balls

Since yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be a good idea to cook something green. I just happened to have a large green pepper I had purchased at Hannaford. I had also purchased some Hannaford All-Purpose Baking Mix (they didn’t have my usual Jiffy). This was going to be good.

Regular readers (if any) will recall that Saturday I had wanted to make sausage balls but lacked the proper ingredients. I still had the sausage (from Dino’s in Utica, NY). Now I had the baking mix. The green pepper would be a new addition to the recipe, which in any case I couldn’t find. I found a similar recipe in a book. I felt confident in my ability to wing it.

I started by peeling and crushing some cloves of garlic. I set the timer for 15 minutes, so the garlic could reach its full antioxidant benefits (or is that cancer fighting qualities? Whatever). I chopped up a yellow onion and put it in a cast iron frying pan with some olive oil. Then I cut up my green pepper into small pieces and added that to the onions. I put the sausage in the pan all in a lump. I figured it would be easier to break apart as it cooked. I added the garlic shortly after the sausage, as soon as the timer went off.

It took a long time to cook, as sausage often does. I kept chopping the sausage into smaller and smaller pieces with the spatula, which helped. At last it was ready. I emptied it into a bowl and added two cups of baking mix.

And it didn’t seem to do much but kind of sort of coat the sausage a little. I added some more. Then a little more. Then I poured some milk over it. Finally I got a consistency I liked.

I turned the oven on to 350 degrees and sprayed no-stick stuff on two baking sheets. I dropped the sausage mixture onto the sheets by the spoonful. I filled both sheets and a pizza tin. I put them in to bake for 20 minutes. I took the oven temperature and baking time from the recipe I had found, which may have been silly of me, since I didn’t really follow anything else in it.

The sausage balls turned out perfectly tasty. Perhaps I could have taken them out of the oven a trifle sooner, but really not too bad. Some people like them extra brown. Steven and I enjoyed them. And there are plenty left over. I ate a couple before typing in this post. Still perfectly enjoyable. I hope all my readers enjoyed Menu Monday.

Unable to Entertain with a Cooking Post

Yesterday (Saturday) I thought to cook something good, so I could do a cooking post today instead of having Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I had some lovely sausage from Dino’s in Utica, NY that was thawed out and ready to go. What to do with it?

Of course, sausage is always good in spaghetti sauce, and I do love me some spaghetti. However, I did not have any green peppers. I have many times made perfectly tasty sauce without green peppers, but for some reason yesterday, I just did not feel that I could. And I was definitely not inclined to go to the store. Oh dear.

I thought, really, wouldn’t it be a good idea to go out to eat? After all, dinner at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner would support a Main Street business, which I believe I mentioned in yesterday’s post is something I intend to do. I had mentioned dinner at Crazy Otto’s to Steven that morning, and he seemed a little unenthusiastic. Oh, he loves Crazy Otto’s. It’s just that after a long day of work, he would rather stay home, put on his sweats and relax.

Steven was working till 6:30. As the afternoon wore on, I started to think how happy Steven would feel to come home and see me in sweats. I do like to make my husband happy. I was ready for the sweats on, bra off portion of the day anyways. Surely I could cook SOMETHING.

Then I thought of Sausage Balls. We love to have appetizer-y things for dinner! I started to search for the recipe, first pouring myself a glass of wine, because I like to cook with wine.

And then the whole thing came to a grinding halt. We didn’t have enough Jiffy Baking Mix. I was already in my sweats. It was after 6:15.

I suppose as Saturday night disasters go, this was pretty minor. We still had plenty of options regarding food. I talked Steven into one of my favorites: we called Carney’s Corners and got delivery. A Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub and Potato Wedges. We also ate some cottage cheese, which I think goes delightfully with potato wedges (unless you are having ketchup; I don’t care for ketchup on my cottage cheese).

So here I am on Wrist to Forehead Sunday, unable to entertain you with a cooking post. I went to Hannaford this morning, though, so things may be looking up for tomorrow. Stay tuned.