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On the Set

I know some of you have been waiting for an update on the set of Steel Magnolias, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.  At least, I know any fellow cast-members who read my blog (DO my fellow cast members read my blog?) would like an update.  Before yesterday’s rehearsal, I remembered to pull out my tablet and I took a few shots.  I got more of the cast than the set, but, after all, isn’t it all about the people?  I think it is.


We love each other at Ilion Little Theatre.

Kim Darling and Kara Buttermore, who play Truvy and Annelle, were working on the set when I started to click.  They immediately posed for me.  I knew that would make a good photo, but I wanted an action shot.  They offered me this scene from the beginning of the play:


Annelle does Truvy’s hair as part of her job interview.

Meanwhile, in the audience, Kaylynn Iglesias, who recently joined the cast as Shelby, consulted with Cindy Shepherd.  Cindy, in addition to playing Ouiser, is assisting Rick Vroman in his directing duties.  I had a little problem with my tablet getting this shot.  I hope it looks OK.


We do a lot of consulting with each other. Theatre is such a collaborative art.

Then I realized I had not gotten a shot of Kelly Stone, who plays M’Lynn.  She and Kaylynn decided to do a mother/daughter shot.


Their characters really do love each other, although they bicker a lot in the play.

Sadly, I did not get a picture of our awesome sound and light guy, Rick DeJohn, nor of our delightful director Rick Vroman.   Perhaps in a future post.

I’ll close with a couple of shots of the set itself.  More work will be done on the set tomorrow (I’m supposed to go help.  Yikes!  What a lot I have to do tomorrow!).  I hope to include more photos in future posts.  I’d better charge up the tablet.  Happy Friday, everyone.


The driers don’t actually work, which is actually too bad, because the sink on the other side of the set will.



A center view. Alas, I did not get stage right, where the sink that will actually squirt water is located.


Picture This: A Set in Progress

I’m really liking the idea of Wordless Wednesday, where I show pictures.  And I have a few pictures that I kind of promised to show soon, of the set for Steel Magnolias.  I showed a couple of walls the first day they were working on it.  I missed a few steps of the work in progress, but I remembered to bring my Tablet to last night’s rehearsal and snapped a couple of shots before we started.

Lots of props and set pieces have been added.  This first shot shows one of the people responsible for making the set look so good, Kim Darling.  She went to a lot of antique and second-hand stores last weekend.  If she had called me to go with her, that would have made a great blog post!  Oh well, I had other stuff I was supposed to be doing.


She’s placing the Christmas tree. By my standards, that makes this a Christmas play, and I’m sorry we did not do it in December. Oh well, I always say, you can’t have everything.


The next picture shows cast member Kelly Stone, who plays M’Lynn.  Imagine my surprise when I found out M’Lynn is short for Mary Lynn.  I used to live next door to a Mary Lynn, roughly a hundred years ago, when I was a wee tot and lived in Oneonta, NY.  But I digress.  I snapped this shot just before we started rehearsal.


Picture her hair in rollers, to get the complete picture.


After taking that shot, I quickly panned to the right (stage left) for one more shot.



It may seem that the walls are oddly painted, and in fact they are.  I always find that amusing. As any theatre person knows, we like to reduce, reuse, recycle.  Actually, I think it is more along the lines of  “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”

I look forward to taking more pictures of the set, and telling you more about the cast and the production, especially a month or so down the road, when this blog becomes All Steel Magnolias All The Time.  In the meantime, Happy Wednesday, everyone, and I’m going to go study my lines.


Remember Those Donuts?

So Tired Tuesday follows Mental Muck Monday, everybody must have seen that coming.  For anyone that was worried (although I don’t imagine anybody was),  my writing abilities seem to have returned.  Um, not that I expect this post will reflect my best efforts, but I did work on my articles for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.   The deadline is looming; I must make haste.  In the meantime, I need a blog post.

I had thought I would be posting in haste (posthaste, there’s a word you don’t see much anymore) before getting to rehearsal.  First, of course, I had those articles to work on.  As I worked, I could hear the sleet striking my window panes.  Oh dear.  Luckily my rehearsal is not far.  Still, it was not going to be a fun drive.  This is why I don’t like being involved in the March production, but it is useless to repine about that now.  Then the phone rang.  It was the director, cancelling rehearsal.  Cast members who live farther away than I do had phoned him, saying they did not want to drive in this weather.  I didn’t blame them.

I’m sure some readers are thinking, “Well NOW you can write a decent blog post, can’t you?  Can’t you?”  And I’m thinking,”Apparently not.”  However, I do have a few pictures to share.  Not very good pictures.  Perhaps not worth a thousand words.  Then again, my posts don’t usually run to a thousand words.  Who has time to read thousand word blog posts anyways?  Not me!  Let’s look at the pictures.

These were taken Saturday, at the set-building session to which I brought the donuts (perhaps you read my blog post about it).


Two walls were already up when I arrived. And you see how fast our set-builders were working: this fellow is a blur!




There was much discussion about where the window would be.



They are discussing more walls to raise. The walls are there now, but I did not have my tablet with me at rehearsal last night.

Perhaps I can remember to bring my tablet to the next rehearsal and take more pictures of the set in progress.  At least I can hope to post pictures of the completed project.  And I will write many more word about the play itself, especially when the blog becomes All Steel Magnolias All The Time.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.