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Running with Judge Mathis

I had been thinking in a vague sort of way about running after work, so as to have something to write about. However, the unseasonably cold temperatures continue. I thought I might bundle up and run anyways, but the wind was so bitter, I became discouraged. However, I did manage a little something.

First I did my Twist Challenge for the day (see yesterday’s post). Steven nicely found “Wipe Out” on You Tube for me and I twisted while it played. Of course that was only two minutes and forty seconds. That won’t get me back into those size ten jeans. So I pulled out the mini-tramp and started running in place.

Previously when I have jogged on the mini-tramp, I put in a movie. I didn’t take the time to do that today. “Judge Mathis” was on TV (Steven likes judge shows). So I watched. None of these judge shows are what you might call classy, and Judge Mathis’ litigants do nothing to raise the bar. I like him, though. He’s tough but caring. Sometimes he lets the people yell at each other too much, but some producers seem to think audiences love that kind of thing (that might be a whole other blog post).

The first case made me laugh, because I think the two girls just wanted to be on TV. In fact, Judge Mathis accused them of it. They said no, but after the case one asked the other to be her bridesmaid. I have not spent much time in a courtroom, but I have to think that is unusual.

One thing I noticed running in place while watching TV. A minute lasts a long time. Even longer than that last minute before break at work. But I persevered. At one point, Steven played “Wipe Out” again, and I twisted on the mini-tramp. He didn’t turn the volume all the way down on the television, though, so we didn’t lose track of the case.

Eventually Judge Mathis was through meting out justice for the day, and I felt I had gotten some exercise I’m afraid it hardly makes for an exciting blog post. However, it is Wuss-out Wednesday. Happy Mid-Week, everyone.

Twisted Challenge

Alternate title: Not Wiped Out Yet

The other day on Facebook my sister issued the Wipe Out Challenge. You play the song “Wipe Out” and dance the twist. During the drum solos you go side to side or twerk. I forget how many days you are supposed to keep this up.

I will say right up front that I have never twerked in my life and I do not intend to start (although I did just flash on that Disney song about “Hi ho! Hi ho! It’s off twerk we go!”) (I always suspected that was the kind of ho they meant) (but I digress). However, I am a past master of twisting. I won a contest at it once. And I used to twist on the pads between machines at Curves.

“Wipe Out” is not one of the songs we own in our rather large CD collection (oh don’t start on me about I-pods or whatever they are, I am doing just fine with my CDs, thank you). Steven found it on YouTube. It was only two minutes and forty seconds. No matter, I was declining the challenge.

I changed my mind later on. I was waiting for my popcorn to pop (on the stove with oil, as God intended). I started singing the “Wipe Out” song and dancing. “Di da-da DAH di-da-da di da-da DAH di-da-da…” I kept an eye on the clock and continued for about three minutes. Tabby came out and danced with me for part of the time.

The next day after work I sought out a particular Roomful of Blues CD which contained a song I often dance the twist to. Ah, two minutes and forty seconds. Perfect. I got to twisting. I had previously taken Tabby for a twenty minute walk (perhaps you read my blog post about it). I know that thirty minutes of exercise are recommended, so I thought to twist for ten minutes. It took me three songs to do it. I’ve known for a long time that many songs are good to twist to.

Tuesday (today) I knew I would be challenged to find a time to twist. Steven was picking me up at work and we were driving to Rome. It was a cold morning. Steven let the car warm up before taking me to work. While it warmed, I started singing and twisting. Once again Tabby danced with me. I made up words to the “Wipe Out” tune: “Well it’s a cutie little schnoodle, it’s a cutie little schnoodle…” Three minutes is not too long to dance and sing about your dog.

So that makes three days. Will I continue to meet the challenge? Hard to say. I am thinking of it more as the Twister Challenge than the Wipe Out Challenge. In any case, I needed a blog post and this was better than my usual Tired Tuesday. If only I’m not too tired to type it in.

And, as you see, I was not. Rock on!