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Fun Breakfast

Friday morning after a not too awful doctor’s appointment, Steven and I treated ourselves to breakfast at the Farm House Restaurant, 2 Central Plaza, Ilion.

The restaurant is in a tiny building. We have noticed it on many occasions and were frankly quite fascinated that it could house a whole restaurant. I further notice it when I go in to work at 7 a.m. and see the neon OPEN sign lit. I think how nice it would be to go to breakfast before work and wonder why I didn’t leave the house earlier.

On entering, we found the dining room is indeed tiny. There are about five or six tables, not very far apart. We sat at one and looked around at the charming country decor. A toddler at a nearby table was listening with delight to a snowman that sang a Christmas song. We saw a couple such toys at our table. Our waitress told us one needed batteries but the other worked. We listened to a snowman sing “Let It Snow” accompanied by two marshmallows. Fun!

I ordered my favorite of a breakfast sandwich. Steven had one of his favorites, French toast with eggs over medium. We heard the waitress tell three ladies at another table to take their time if they wanted to just sit and visit.

“We’re open till eight,” she said.

“We might stay that long,” one of the ladies said.

I soon noticed the ladies were sitting under a sign that said, “Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women.” They seemed like such fun ladies, I just had to draw their attention to it. They had not noticed but were very amused.

“I’m a pickpocket,” one said. “I don’t know about these two.”

“This has to be our table now,” another declared.

I told them they should get a picture, and one immediately handed me a camera.

It was a very enjoyable breakfast. I don’t know if those fun ladies will be there when I go again, but I’m sure the food will be just as yummy. For more information about the Farm House Restaurant, call 894-3276.

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