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Breakfast is Back

I was delighted when I saw that the Lady Elks were again offering Sunday Breakfasts in January. Last year I went all four Sundays and wrote a blog post about each one. This year Steven had to work the first Sunday, but he had the second Sunday off, so we made a definite plan to attend.

They begin serving at eight. We arrived shortly after nine and were fortunate enough to find a parking space right in front of the Elks Lodge. I paid for breakfast ($8 for adults), bought ten 50/50 tickets for $5 and put $4 in the tip basket, knowing we were assured of excellent service.

Steven ordered eggs sunny side up, wheat toast, pancakes, bacon and home fries. When he hesitated over with or without onions, I said, “You might as well get with, because I’m getting onions and you’re going to kiss me regardless.” I got scrambled eggs, wheat toast, bacon, beans and, as I said, home fries with onions. I think I mentioned last year how I had never had or heard of beans for breakfast before the Elks. I find they are a yummy addition to the meal.

We got our numbers and found a seat. They were doing a booming business, but a small table was free. Steven borrowed a pen from me to write our name and number on the 50/50 tickets. Two gentlemen brought us coffee and orange juice (we could also have chosen tomato or cranberry, I believe).

Ladies were bringing out breakfasts and calling numbers. I had a moment of panic when I thought I heard 5. We were 52 and 53! It was actually 45. Phew! We did not have long to wait.

A wide variety of people were also enjoying breakfast. I saw at least two family groups with three generations represented. A couple of people were taking pictures with their phones. Note to self: Try not to do anything embarrassing in public. Somebody might take a picture.

It was a very enjoyable breakfast. As we left several people said, “Thank you.” No, no, thank you, Elks Club. The breakfasts continue Sundays, January 20 and 27 at the Elks Lodge, 24 Mary St., Herkimer, NY. I may be there next week.

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