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Thank You, Beasley’s

I spent the latter part of last week lamenting my computer woes and feeling grateful to Herkimer’s Basloe Library for filling in the gap (who says I can’t multi-task?). Monday, Steven and I managed to do something about it, thanks to Beasley’s Electronics.

We were pretty sure our problem was the monitor and that we would have to replace it. Still, we didn’t want to just buy a new monitor, hook it up and find out that wasn’t the problem. we thought a good repair place could advise us. Besides, what do we know? Maybe the monitor could easily be fixed (yeah, right after we win the lottery and I change into that acid-wash denim mini-skirt with the 26-inch waist).

We used to notice Beasley’s a few years ago, when we had dinner at Cherry’s, a restaurant across the street, now sadly closed. In those days we had nothing that needed repair, but one remembers some things.

First we went to… a certain big box store that does not need a plug from Mohawk Valley Girl. I had unfortunate visions of road trips to New Hartford and other big box stores (I know, it’s not that far; I just didn’t want to mess with it). But no, monitors are obtainable in Herkimer. We drove down Mohawk Street to Beasleys.

When we walked in we discovered that there was very little room to walk. the place was packed with televisions, computers, etc, in various stages of repair or waiting to be recycled. I also admired a couple of antique radios. I don’t know if they were there to be fixed or just to look cool, but they certainly did look cool.

After speaking with Greg Beasley, we went and got our monitor, which I had foresightedly unhooked from the tower the previous night. He said he would take a look and call us later in the afternoon. As we predicted, he did not hold out much hope of a repair but said he might have a new or used monitor he could sell us.

When we returned to Beasley’s, a man with two adorable young boys was purchasing a used wide screen TV. When the boys stepped outside for a minute (I forget why), Steven and I moved into the space where they had been standing, so as to be out of the way when they moved the TV.

“Hey, you took our spot,” the younger boy accused when they returned.

“We did,” I admitted. “Shift your feet, lose your seat.” It was not technically a seat, but you know how I like to rhyme. I think the older boy was amused.

We ended up buying a new monitor for a very similar price to what we would have paid at the big box store (I say similar because it was a different brand and I don’t remember the exact numbers).

“And now you have someplace to take it if it gives you any problems,” Greg said. That was a big selling point for me.

We got our new monitor home and hooked up with very little problem. I am once again typing my blog posts at my leisure, in my house. Love that Basloe Library, but I prefer to go there for books.

Beasley’s Electronics is located at 313 Mohawk St., Herkimer, NY 13350, phone 315-866-0866. You can visit their website at

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