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Getting Lost on an Awesome Day

I’m afraid it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday again. Am I coming down with Monday Through Friday Syndrome, where Sunday becomes a depressing day in which dread of Monday overshadows all else? Say it ain’t so!

Oh, it ain’t so. I don’t loathe and despise my job, although I confess to some angst that I was not born rich instead of good-looking. After all, if I was rich enough I could always pay for plastic surgery. Just kidding. I’m not so beautiful I would want to go under the knife if I was less so. Actually, I’m not beautiful at all and I get by on force of personality. But I digress.

In fact, my wrist is on my forehead because I am tired. My friend Phyllis and I had quite the day yesterday. I got material for several blog posts but I am too brain dead to write them today. So let’s call this a preview of coming attractions and I’ll give you a brief overview.

I picked Phyllis up in the pouring rain and we went to Mohawk Antiques Mall, which Phyllis had never been to. Then we drove to Little Falls, where we promptly got lost.

“That’s OK,” I said. “Driving around Little Falls is always good for a blog post. I think I’ll call it ‘I’m Only Here for the Blog Post.'” Then later, “It really is an adventure” and “I do love looking at all these old houses as we drive by.”

At last we arrived at our destination, the Co-op, to find it had closed for the day. A little more Little Falls driving brought us to That Little Place on Main Street, a very nice little diner. Outside the diner we discovered Fall Hill Bead and Gem.

Back in Herkimer we walked around Gems Along the Mohawk and greeted Santa Claus. From there we went to the grand opening of The Looking Glass, a make-up and photography studio. Then we went to my house for a glass of wine and relaxation. We wound up our day with dinner at Applebee’s with our husbands, Steven and Jim, and Phyllis and Jim’s daughter Kelly.

It was quite the awesome day. I intend to write more about it. After a good night’s sleep. Hope to see you Monday.

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