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Run in the Sun (and Clouds)

The saying is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”  In that case, I should have experienced six different weather phenomena on my 30 minute run.  I did not quite make that, but I did see some changes that may enliven today’s Running Commentary.


I was determined to run today.  As it poured rain all morning, I reminded myself I could run in place on the mini-tramp.  When the rain stopped around lunchtime, I congratulated myself.  When cold wind blew through the windows all afternoon, I reminded myself that I have run in temperatures down in the 20s.  Stepping out of the building at 3:30 p.m. (or shortly thereafter, in the interests of strict accuracy), I realized that some excellent running weather had magically appeared.  Cool but not cold, breezy but not too windy, sun with some clouds.  I could rock this.


After making one stop on the way home and digging out some running gear (could NOT find the glasses I’ve been wearing to run in), I hit the road at 4:09 (I always make a mental note, in case the CHRONO function on my watch fails me).  The sun had come out full force.  How delightful.  Perhaps I should have worn sunglasses after all.


I turned right on German Street, so the sun was behind me.  I thought if I could cross German at Main Street, I would run out that hill.  Traffic was too thick, but that was OK with me by that time.  Two blocks into the run, I knew I was not up for any hills.  How long would I run?  I had done 31 minutes in Liverpool on Saturday.  I am supposed to be up to 32 or 35 by now (I forget which).  Still, after working all day, even a 20 minute run is good.  No doubt I would do more than 20.


I ran to the end of German and around the HARC building, which used to be a factory, I think.  I noted rows of new windows.  I love to see an old building being renovated and put to good use.


My legs were not the least bit happy with me.  Oh, they were moving slowly.  It would probably be a good idea if I began running every day.  In my defense, I did take walks on the day I did not run.  In my detriment, they were walks with Tabby, who stops and sniffs a lot.  I made up my mind I would persevere.  Perhaps I would catch a second wind.


Before I caught a second wind, the actual wind picked up.  The sun felt warm and the wind felt cold.  It was weird.  But at least the wind was not so strong I had to strain against it.  At one point, though, I realized I was leaning forward and sticking my chin out.  What was that all about?  Leading with my chin?  Do you think you’re going to get done with the run any sooner this way, I chided myself.  I tried to correct my posture.


I was striving to run as smoothly as possible, which is what I usually do.  A friend in the army once told me I looked like I was speed-walking when I ran.  She tried to run that way too.  She said she would say to herself, “Do the Quackenbush.”  I was flattered.


After a while my knees began to twinge a little.  They have been bothering me lately, which is a new thing.  My back, which was bugging me at work today, has always been a problem.  Yes, I know, running can exacerbate knee and back problems.  However, so can being overweight.  Running helps me lose weight.  I’m sure everything will feel better soon.


I ended up running for 30 minutes (I believe I mentioned that in the first paragraph).  The sun was behind some clouds as I finished.  When I got Tabby’s leash for our cool-down walk, I considered grabbing a sweatshirt as well.  I decided against it, because I had worked up a sweat.  Ah, lovely sweat.  Sweat out the toxins, sweat out the bad mood.  Then take a hot shower and wash off the sweat.  Life is good when you run.


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