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At Least I’m Writing SOMETHING

Welcome to another Wuss-out Wednesday.  I was busily writing while at work today (before my shift and on breaks, as usual), but not on a blog post.  I started a new novel.  Oh, it is so fun to start a new novel!  New ideas just appear in my head and I write them down.  I feel brilliant.


I’m writing this novel a little differently from how I’ve attempted previous novels.  I started writing a list of potential names, then I just dove right in and started writing.  No notes.  No outline.   All I have, other than the pages of novel, is a growing list of characters, so I don’t use any names that are too similar (so annoying to the reader, I know it drives me crazy).


Of course it is the wrong thing to do, to begin a new novel.  I VOWED I would finish the last one I started.  You see, I have many, many novels started and only one I ever finished.  And that one’s not very good.  My later novels are better, but they are not finished.  It is mortifying to admit this, but it is true.


However, my latest unfinished novel (I mean the one before the one I just started) was at a STANDSTILL.  I simply could not progress.   I had to take a step back and I just couldn’t bear to not be writing.  Sometimes I can only write what comes out of my pen.


In case anybody is wondering, I am still working on the play about bananas.  I’m writing on that every night before bed.  Yesterday I wrote a speech from the play within the play (I just can’t write anything that is not complicated, I suppose).


So that is my story about why I did not write a blog post today.  Tomorrow I will try to find a little more time to write an actual post.  But since tomorrow is Non-Sequitur Thursday, I make no promises.



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  1. Do you usually write fiction or non-fiction novels? I would love to read one of your books someday! Currently working on mine as well.

    • A non-fiction! What a novel approach, Daniel Q. Good luck. I hope you are progressing nicely.

    • Fiction novels and plays (including interactive murder mysteries, which are pretty much the only things I finish, fiction-wise). Blog is non-fiction, as are articles I write for “Mohawk Valley Living,” a local magazine.Incidentally, I’m only a contributor; we came by our names independently. But speaking of names, great last initial. I used to be SGT Q in the army.

  2. You can write every which way but at the end, can’t you, Cynthia? I think you should declare it Finish the Novel May and get them all done in one month!

  3. When you start your next novel (I mean after the one you just started), write the ending first (in your head, at least, but know how it ends). Then take the characters far enough backward in time so that the ending isn’t predestined to the reader. Set your characters down and let them take you to the ending. Even if this system doesn’t work for you, at least you’ll be able to say “I’m half way through my novel, but I haven’t figured out how to start it yet.”

    • Good idea. Actually, I have a pretty good idea of how I want the new novel to end. In trying to get the former one over the hump, I did write how I wanted the main characters to end up. Then I sat there staring at the notebook wondering how to get there from here.

      • Those characters aren’t taking you where you need to go. They sound like jerks. Maybe you should kill them off. That’d teach ’em.

      • Actually, one of the problems with that novel is that I couldn’t bear to kill off any of them. The plan for the new book is to kill off a great number of people, mostly based on people I know. Um, this is not some twisted revenge thing; many of my friends have requested I put them in a book and kill them off.

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