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Another Doggy Sick Day, Please?

Full disclosure:  I don’t really need another doggy sick day.  My dog is on the mend.  She is not her happy, jumpy self yet, but she drank water, ate food and took her medicine.  Phew!  Thank you Mohawk Valley Veterinary Services.  But, alas, I do not seem to be able to write a really good blog post today.


It happened again.  There I was, in the midst of writing a blog post and I started not to like it.  I was even editing it, rearranging sentences, adding, subtracting.   I always feel like a real writer when I do that.


Oh dear, I can hear the critics now, “You can’t write and edit at the same time!  Write first!  Get it down!  THEN you can look at it and edit!”  This is one of those pieces of writing advice given so often that everybody just accepts as true for every writer.  Is it true for me?  Could be, because I just brought that post to a grinding halt.


The fact is. it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday for me, as it often is.   I am in a funk, and I have been in a funk.  However, I do not despair.  After all, I have my new plan of Finish That Novel May (yes, yes, it wasn’t my idea originally, but it is my plan now).  I still have four more days to gear up for that.  Four days is certainly enough time to find a way out of my funk.


In the meantime, I tell my critics that I will edit when and where I feel like it.  I will pet my dog and take her for a walk as soon as she feels like it.   I will write what I can when I can.  And hope that I still have readers.  Happy Sunday, everybody.




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  1. Happy Sunday, Cindy. I am glad Tabby is recovering from her Lime Disease. Poor pooch.

    And every writer should write and edit their own way. There’s no one-formula-fits-all. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it! I’ve done it any which way for a lot of years, so take that, “the critics.”

    • I completely agree with your theory! I’m still looking for the way that works for me, I guess.

      And Tabby continues to improve; we took another walk tonight. She’s such a sweetie! Pet Ellie B the Dogamous Pile for me!

      • I will give and extra rub on the noggin’ to Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle for you this evening, Cynthia. It’s great news that Tabby was able to take another walk! That’s sweet news.

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