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Another Doggy Sick Day, Please?

Full disclosure:  I don’t really need another doggy sick day.  My dog is on the mend.  She is not her happy, jumpy self yet, but she drank water, ate food and took her medicine.  Phew!  Thank you Mohawk Valley Veterinary Services.  But, alas, I do not seem to be able to write a really good blog post today.


It happened again.  There I was, in the midst of writing a blog post and I started not to like it.  I was even editing it, rearranging sentences, adding, subtracting.   I always feel like a real writer when I do that.


Oh dear, I can hear the critics now, “You can’t write and edit at the same time!  Write first!  Get it down!  THEN you can look at it and edit!”  This is one of those pieces of writing advice given so often that everybody just accepts as true for every writer.  Is it true for me?  Could be, because I just brought that post to a grinding halt.


The fact is. it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday for me, as it often is.   I am in a funk, and I have been in a funk.  However, I do not despair.  After all, I have my new plan of Finish That Novel May (yes, yes, it wasn’t my idea originally, but it is my plan now).  I still have four more days to gear up for that.  Four days is certainly enough time to find a way out of my funk.


In the meantime, I tell my critics that I will edit when and where I feel like it.  I will pet my dog and take her for a walk as soon as she feels like it.   I will write what I can when I can.  And hope that I still have readers.  Happy Sunday, everybody.




Give Me Lame! Or Give Me Debt!

Well I didn’t want to say “death.”  That seemed too dark for Mohawk Valley Girl.  And “give me debt” is appropriate, because I would owe you a blog post if I did not make one today.


You may have realized I did not write anything while at work today.  No blog post, at any rate.  I thought it would be OK, since I knew I would walk Tabby, my delightful schnoodle, after work. If nothing else, a Pedestrian Post is always acceptable (to me, anyways).


WELL, when I got home from work this afternoon, my poor dog was not her usual happy, jumpy self.  No joyous barks preceded my unlocking the door. No furry white body jumped on me as I opened it.


“Where’s my dog?” I asked, a question that usually brings her running.  Then I saw her, moving hesitantly from her usual end of the couch to my usual end of the couch.  Poor honey!


We had some excellent plans for the evening but feel we should stay home with our ailing canine.  Of course I must still make a blog post, and one would think I could still come up with something mildly amusing at least.  Unfortunately, not so much.  I think my headline is the only marginally good thing I’ve come up with so far.


Never mind.  It is a My Doggy Is Sick Day.  Real employers do not recognize such days (many of them barely recognize your own sick days, the bastards).  However, this is my own silly blog.  I’m going back to petting my dog gently and just being with her.  I hope you are all having a lovely Friday.


Running Nose Commentary?

If anybody was looking forward to Saturday Running Commentary, which I restarted last week, quite frankly, so was I. Unfortunately, I’ve had a rather ghastly headache since about two this morning and running is not in the cards.

Oh, I KNOW there are people out there who run NO MATTER WHAT. Power to them. I thought I was doing pretty good running in the rain on Thursday. It wasn’t raining very hard. And no lightning. I don’t care how motivated and dedicated you are or think you are, it’s not very smart to run when there’s lightning.

So I’ve spent the morning throwing things at my stomach and head (yes, the stomach got into the act, too), and trying to clean my house. My mom and dad might stop over tonight. Oh, I KNOW they’re coming to see me, not my house. Still, I like my house to look nice for my parents of all people.

I got through the morning by promising myself I could write a blog post about it. It is really cool how narrating in your head can help you though the most heinous tasks. I must say I highly recommend this blogging hobby. It certainly enhances the quality of my life.

First I cleaned the bathroom, making mental notes about the cleaning products I used and how hard I scrubbed the various parts. I had a bit of a crisis when I couldn’t find the glass cleaner or the broom, but everything resolved itself and the bathroom doesn’t look too bad (I’ve checked it out numerous times since, as a result of my efforts to stay hydrated. Remember, when you are not feeling well, STAY HYDRATED) (a physician’s assistant told me that when I was being seen for that stomach bug I suffered recently).

My in-my-head-as-it-happened commentary was actually more detailed than that. I decided to spare my readers. In fact, I see my word count is over 300. That’s usually pretty good for a blog where I don’t really have anything to talk about.

Just a word about my title. I suspect my headache is due to sinuses, therefore the reference to runny nose. However, since I didn’t actually mention my sinuses till just now, I guess we could call this Non-Sequitur Saturday. That does sound better than Another Damn Sick Day, doesn’t it?

Call It What You Like

I got nuthin.

Should there be an apostrophe after the second n in nuthin? See, even when I use quite terrible grammar I want to be correct. This by way of what we can call either a Blogger’s Sick Day or a Wrist to Forehead Saturday.

I’ve spent all day thinking I had to write a blog post and thinking a topic would magically appear. I’ve taken two walks with my dog, one of which included my husband. I made some excellent observations about beautiful Herkimer, NY in the springtime. Yet, I can’t seem to make myself write about them.

It doesn’t help that I’m pressed for time. Or that I am suffering from the lightheadedness that occasionally plagues me. Or some unnamed malaise that renders everything in my life and mind unblogworthy. But I must not repine. My only task now is to get my word count up to a respectable number and drive on.

To help that, here is what I wrote on Thursday for possible use as my Friday Lame Post (as it happened, I went another way):

Full disclosure: I am writing this week’s Friday Lame Post on Thursday as I have done on several previous occasions. I find that it does not appear to have a detrimental effect on the blogosphere.

I’m not writing it on a break at work, as I usually do, nor yet composing at the computer as also often happens. I am crouched on my bathroom floor waiting for my Root Rescue to process my grey roots and make my hair beautiful once more.

Yes, I remember that my Thursday post (written and published the same day I am writing this) was about how I intend to be bald within the month. In the meantime, I’m doing my roots. Sue me.

What a long time 15 minutes takes when you are naked with chemicals on your hair.

That was when I stopped writing, because I wasn’t sure if I should talk about being naked. It might give somebody an unfortunate mental image.

And now I see I am over 300 words. Phew! I feel better! Although I’ll probably hate myself in the morning.