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Just Another Slacker Sunday

I tried to make a blog post earlier but once again ran afoul of my Media Library.  I said to hell with it and was going to trust my luck in the morning but decided to give it one more try.  Imagine my delight when I found I could select Classic Editor.  Will it help me make a better post? We shall see.

It has been something of a Slacker Sunday.  I went for a two mile walk but not till later in the morning.  Still later I did a load of laundry.  Just now I finally made my lunch for tomorrow.  Other than that, I watched movies and read a novel.

The post I started to write was a Sunday Cinema post, since we had enjoyed one of my favorites, Severed Head Sunday.  That was when I got bogged down searching my Media Library for pictures I was quite certain I had shared before.  Only after I failed to find them did I think, why should I repeat myself this way?  Obviously I have talked about these movies before.  Do I have anything new to say about them?  Quite possibly I do, but we will not find that out tonight.

So I guess this is yet another post about Why I Can’t Make a Blog Post Today.  Talk about repeating myself!  What the hell, me?  On the brighter side, I am over 200 words and tomorrow’s lunch is made.  That makes this less of a Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I’ll just get back to dreading Monday.  Once again, thank you for tuning in.



Oh, Who Needs a Brain, Anyways?

So here I am, trying to make a Pre-Rehearsal Post. I am feeling somewhat better today, at least well enough to make it to rehearsal. I am happy I have a ride; my friend Kim is picking me up. But do I have brain enough for a blog post? Do I ever? At least I usually do not let the lack stop me.

Did something eat my brain?

I throw in an illustration to pep things up. I wish I could find my picture from The Brain from Planet Arous, but you know my struggled with my Media Library. Anyways, I did not intend to make a Mid-week Monsters Post.

Now that I think about it, I do not know what sort of post I intended to make. I have had a dearth of Mohawk Valley Adventures for some time now. However, unlike my apparent lack of brain, this is a lack I can correct. Not in time for this post, and perhaps not in time for tomorrow’s. However, I will try to do something soon.

So this is my blog post for tonight: yet another post about how it is not a very good post. I wonder how many of those I can get away with. I hope at least one more.

Better to Have Lamed and Lost

I can’t believe I haven’t used that title before. I just searched “Posts — All Posts” and did not find it. I no longer trust WordPress for much, but what the hell. It’s a title, I’ll use it.

I don’t say I will attach much of a blog post to it, but what are you going to do, even on Lame Post Friday.

That was as far as I got on actual Friday. Now it is 1:40 Saturday morning and I thought I would take advantage of my insomnia to finish this post. Not that I have any more brains now than I did last evening. Still blog posts must be made, because they are not there. And there’s a bit of half-baked philosophy for you.

I just tried to throw in a picture to pep things up and was once again defeated. I used to be able to zip around by the month. Now it seems I can only scroll down, and my Tablet rebels before I reach 2019. I really must improve my personal computer situation.

So this is my late Friday post: one tiny nugget of philosophy tucked into a bunch of whining about not being able to make a post. Suitably lame, I trust.

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Missing Mojo on Tired Tuesday

I had a vague idea of making a Running Commentary post today.  It was another reason to get myself out the door and moving.  I seem to have lost my running mojo without taking an extended break from it, as I have in the past.  I have run both weekend days every weekend within recent memory, until this past weekend.  Once again I have to ask, What the Hell, me?

Oh let’s be honest, I have lost all kinds of mojo lately: running, writing, housework, theatre… do I have any other kinds of mojo?  Unfortunately I do not see how I can write about my missing mojo without sounding like a whiny baby.  I don’t know why I worry so much about sounding like a whiny baby,  especially since that is what I must sound like more often than I admit.

Where was I? I sat down with my Tablet with all good intentions of making a Running Commentary post.  I guess the road to bad blog posts is paved with good intentions.  So here I am with yet another foolish blog post.

I point out to my vicious inner critic that I did run today, and for further than I thought I would (not a vast amount, but I did demonstrate perseverance) and I did a load of laundry.  And now I have done a blog post of at least 200 words.  Wasn’t I saying earlier this week that I must learn to write despite whatever is wrong with me?  It is true!  Mojo or no, I shall persevere!


Words Happen. Or Not.

Tired Tuesday follows Monstrous Monday in many cases.

I typed in that sentence, then I just sat here and stared at it, wondering what else to say.  It’s odd how sometimes I put fingers on keyboard and words happen (ooh, great title, that).  Sometimes not so much.  Guess what kind of day today is.

First drafts and blog posts.

Full disclosure:  most of my blog posts are first drafts.  Most of my everything are first drafts.  The papers I wrote in school, my murder mysteries, a lot of my articles for Mohawk Valley Living magazine, my many unfinished novels.  Oh well, I guess I do some editing, more on some things than others.  My writing is so informal, sometimes a first draft will do.

So this is another post about I Can’t Write a Blog Post Today.  What I am really trying to do is NOT write a post whining about some physical, emotional and personal troubles I have been having.  Oh dear, I should not have mentioned that at all.  And here is where a first draft can be a really good thing.  If this was a first draft, I could cut out that sentence when I edited and re-wrote.  The second or third draft could read entirely differently.  Less whiny, more coherent, in short, a better blog post.

A better blog post is always my aim.  I’ll see what I can do about that tomorrow.  However, experience has shown us all that sometimes Wuss-out Wednesday follows Tired Tuesday.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Murky Monday Meanderings

I am having the damnedest time making my blog post today.  I’m sitting here with my laptop on my lap, being partially distracted by an extremely cheesy true crime show on cable television, and beginning one post after another, none of them very good.

So what, I think to myself.  I can just do a Monday Mental Meanderings, also known as Yet Another Post About Why I Can’t Write a Post Today.  I was going to blame it on menopausal brain freeze (or is that brain fog?  You see what bad shape I’m in!).  I can’t remember why I decided against that course (see what I did just now?).

We went for a nice little walk with our new (to us) little dog.  We met a couple of neighborhood dogs with their person and said hello.  Spunky is much more interested in meeting other dogs than Tabby ever was.  Tabby preferred people or cats.  We only went around the block, but it was pleasant.   Alas, not eventful enough to warrant a Pedestrian Post.

I don’t even have great plans for the coming week, so I can’t do a Preview of Coming Attractions, either.  On the other hand, I do plan to run tomorrow.  I could do a Running Commentary.  How’s that for a plan?  Or perhaps I could try to write about some of the cheese I’m watching tonight.  Right now, I’m turning my foggy brain back to that.  Happy Monday, everyone.


Slack Sunday

The weather continues hot, I continue tired, and the blog posts continue foolish.

Welcome to Wrist to Forehead Sunday!

I suppose you all think I’m hungover from partying too heartily last night.  I’m actually mostly tired.  My head doesn’t hurt, my stomach’s not upset.  I just can’t seem to write.  This has been an ongoing problem with me, as I believe my foolish  blog posts have shown.

Earlier in the week, I had some glimmers of hope when  I wrote a whole other page on a post I could not complete previously.  I think it’s going to be a really good post.  If I can ever finish it.  I have a draft saved of a post I started to write week before last.  I tried to finish that one, too.  I couldn’t do it, because I can’t find a way to describe the restaurant it was about, and it just seemed wrong to write the post without it.  On Thursday, Steven and I went for dinner at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner.  Surely that should be a bloggable activity.  Yet, I felt I could not think of anything new to say about Crazy Otto’s.

Writing isn’t the only thing I have been slacking on.  I also have not been running.  Shall I blame the weather for that too?  No doubt it is a factor.  However, other people manage to run. I daresay I could too.

So here is my ambition:  I will write a real blog post tomorrow, and I will go running after work. One minor caveat:  if we finally get the thunderstorms they have been promising us, I will run in place on the mini-tramp.  I’m going to hit Publish on this and just put it out there.  This is Mohawk Valley Girl, turning over a new leaf.

But today I am still going to slack.

Now Is YOUR Wrist On Your Forehead?

I am NOT having Wrist to Forehead Sunday, as I threatened to in the final paragraph of yesterday’s post.  My wrist is nowhere NEAR my forehead (something I’ve noticed about myself:  I like to intersperse my writings with all caps for emphasis).  I am in a relatively cheerful mood, considering, among other problems, that I have no idea of what to write a blog post about.


Then again, how many posts are like this?  Is it getting old yet?  Who cares if it is?  I’m old too!  So there!


OK, I’m being silly, because I like to be silly.  I had a good, long run this morning.  Over an hour.  I was actually psyched to write a Running Commentary about it.  Then I sat down at the keyboard (still this morning) and couldn’t do it.  Why not?  I don’t know.  It happens sometimes.  Sometimes you can say to yourself, “Oh, just write that post,” and do it.  Sometimes not so much.


I had a marvelous time last night, hearing a band at a local spot.  I had a fun time this afternoon, attending an event at an area historical attraction.  I intend to write blog posts about both subjects.  But I want to sit at my notebook and ponder, write, edit and write some more.  You know, make a good job of  it.


That, I suppose, is dangerous.  Now people may be Expecting something of me.  Perhaps they already do.  Well, I can’t help it if they are doomed to disappointment.  I can only write what I can write.  Let’s see what I can write tomorrow.  I do hope somebody will tune in.


As If I Had Actually Written Something

Oh, just type anything.


That is what I finally said to myself after staring at the blank space under “Add New Post” on the wordpress page.   It is Monday, so I know I can do a Middle-age Musing Monday or a Monday Mental Meanderings (still can’t decide between those two).  However, whatever I do, I must actually type words into the computer.


It’s a funny thing about words and me.  Sometimes they just fall out of my fingers, via pen or keyboard.  Today at work (BEFORE work and while ON BREAK, in case you were concerned), I wrote almost two pages on my novel (YES, the novel I was supposed to finish in May, don’t judge).  Got to the end of the scene, yes!


Couldn’t start another scene.  I was just blank.  And the blankness continues.  All I can write about, and I realize this seems to happen to me frequently, is the fact that I can’t write.   AAAUUUGH!!!


I could blame the weather:  it became cold and rainy today.  It brought on flashbacks to 2013.  In 2013, I had signed up for a St. Baldrick’s Day fundraiser.  I asked for donations to help cure children’s cancer, then I got my head shaved.  That happened June 2.  It was swelteringly hot all May.  I cursed my hair, which I had not cut for almost two years.  I got it shaved.   Then the weather turned cold.  It was a rainy, miserable June.  Then Herkimer flooded on June 30.


You know, I could have expanded that last paragraph into a full blog post, and it would have looked as if I had actually written something.  Silly me.


Another Doggy Sick Day, Please?

Full disclosure:  I don’t really need another doggy sick day.  My dog is on the mend.  She is not her happy, jumpy self yet, but she drank water, ate food and took her medicine.  Phew!  Thank you Mohawk Valley Veterinary Services.  But, alas, I do not seem to be able to write a really good blog post today.


It happened again.  There I was, in the midst of writing a blog post and I started not to like it.  I was even editing it, rearranging sentences, adding, subtracting.   I always feel like a real writer when I do that.


Oh dear, I can hear the critics now, “You can’t write and edit at the same time!  Write first!  Get it down!  THEN you can look at it and edit!”  This is one of those pieces of writing advice given so often that everybody just accepts as true for every writer.  Is it true for me?  Could be, because I just brought that post to a grinding halt.


The fact is. it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday for me, as it often is.   I am in a funk, and I have been in a funk.  However, I do not despair.  After all, I have my new plan of Finish That Novel May (yes, yes, it wasn’t my idea originally, but it is my plan now).  I still have four more days to gear up for that.  Four days is certainly enough time to find a way out of my funk.


In the meantime, I tell my critics that I will edit when and where I feel like it.  I will pet my dog and take her for a walk as soon as she feels like it.   I will write what I can when I can.  And hope that I still have readers.  Happy Sunday, everybody.