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Post-Wine Post

I have not had much wine, but I thought the title would be a good follow-up to a Pre-Coffee Post.  This, I fear, will be another post where I just rattle on for 200 words or so.  I am battling depression but trying not to whine too much about it.  After all, everybody has problems.

Not enough gas to outrun Monday!

I guess I can bill this as a Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post.  I don’t really feel that horrified by Monday, but it cannot be denied that the weekend is more fun.  This past weekend I drove into Rome, NY, to my parents’ house, where two out of three sisters  were also visiting.

Returning to Herkimer this morning, I made a stop to purchase ice melt then parked on the street while I shoveled some of the snow in my driveway.  I did not make great progress, but I got the car in without any trouble.  Phew!


The cold air had given me a bit of a sinus headache, so I heated up my face thing and laid down for a while.  It seemed to help.  This afternoon I watched War of the Gargantuas on Svengoolie.  I have several episodes of Svengoolie on my DVR.  I bet some of you thought that picture was a graphic depiction of my headache.  I can see where one might think that.  While I watched, I heated up some leftovers for dinner.

Bearing in mind that doing something, anything can alleviate depression, I fixed tomorrow’s lunch, did the dishes, and laid out my Monday work outfit.  Now I am kind of sort of looking at Snapped while I make a blog post.

I haven’t reached mine yet.

Since I titled this Post-Wine Post, do you suppose it would be OK if I had some Post-Post Wine?  Discuss amongst yourselves.



Scatterbrained, Not Scattered Saturday

I am very tired, but I will attempt to make some semblance of a blog post before I turn off the light and wish I could sleep. It will not be a Scattered Saturday post, unfortunately, because there was not much scatter to my Saturday.

I mentioned this morning (in my late Lame Post Friday post, in case you missed it) that I went for a two mile walk. After that I did battle with a migraine, even as I ran to the store on a fruitless errand. At least the migraine went away, although it may have been a sinus headache. Either way, I felt very grateful it left. Then I ran to the store again, this time meeting with some measure of success.

Oh dear, am I being too mysterious about my store trips? I went to two large chain stores, not the kind of local, distinctive businesses I like to plug. Also, it was a little silly how I got to dithering over potato chips. Long story, not very interesting.

The highlight of the day was my sister Cheryl’s birthday party. Never mind how old she is; these things are not important. Only I chuckle to myself when I remember how many years ago she was happy to point out to me that she was really almost two years older than me, not one as I always thought. Now I say we are the same age: middle.

I see I have babbled on for some 250 words. I say, Score! And I hope to see you all again on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

Sluggish, Stupid Saturday

I pick up my Tablet to make a Scattered Saturday Post, purely because I do not want to go a day without posting (counting the post I made this morning as yesterday’s), and I log on to WordPress to find that my last post got NO blogger love. I am such a Like junky, I find this rather devastating. But I tell myself it is a First World Problem and drive on.

There is not a whole lot to tell about my Saturday anyways. I mentioned earlier that I did not run. I had a headache so took a pill with a decongestant and pain reliever, and it made me feel rather sluggish. I was about to add that it made me feel stupid, but I have been feeling that pretty much all the time. Make whatever unkind remarks you like about me being stupid. There may be a joke there somewhere, but I am too tired to find it.

I did see my friend, Kim. We had lunch at Asteroga Ale House in Herkimer, NY. We went on to Pete’s Tavern for a drink but only stayed for one. Back home, my headache went away (finally) but I fear it is coming back. The sluggish, stupid feeling never left.

On the brighter side, I see I am over 200 words. I’m going to call that a win and go for a better blog tomorrow. As always, I hope you’ll tune in.

Sluggish Saturday

Me on a more ambitious Saturday.

I thought I would lead with a photo of me finishing the East Herkimer Fire Department 5K last Saturday.  Yes, I am boldly wearing a Superman t-shirt, regardless of how slowly I run.  Steven purchased it at a church thrift store some years go for fifty cents.  Sometimes I even let him wear it.

At first I had meant to have Saturday Running Commentary today.  I ran for the first time since 5K (don’t judge), and it went pretty well.  But I like to do Running Commentary posts soon after the run when it is fresh in my mind.  Unfortunately, I had one of my sinus headaches this morning and it got worse as the morning progressed.  Sorry to complain about it, but there it is.

I took some ibuprofen and a decongestant, the I laid down with this thing my Mom nicely got me.  It is a sleep mask filled with seeds or herbs or something.  You heat it in the microwave or freeze it.  I heated it.  It felt awesome!  I fell asleep.  Twice.  The headache went away.  Yay, Mom!  Alas, the decongestant had the usual effect these things do, and I am doped up, brain and body dead, and quite sluggish.  This is why I rarely take decongestants, and why I forget how bad the effects are between doses.  So I make another note to myself and for a while I will rely on the mask, hot tea and sinus irrigation.  The next time I take decongestants, you’ll probably read about it here, when I have another foolish post such as this.

After I got up from the second nap, I felt more rested than I can remember feeling.  The feeling of sluggishness soon returned, and coffee tasted good but did not help.  I recently heard a name for what ails me: Old Farthritis, but let’s not go on about my ills.  I thought I would watch a Halloween movie from the ones I’ve DVR’d recently (TCM is doing a lot this month, yay!).  I tried Daughter of Dracula (1936).

“Look in my eyes… What do you see?”


Imagine my surprise when I heard in Ben Mankeiwicz’s pre-movie commentary that the movie is highly thought of by many critics.  I enjoyed what I saw, but I realized  that it is not as much fun watching a monster movie without my husband, Steve.  I stopped the movie, posted that thought on Facebook, and decided to make my blog post.  For what it is worth.

I shall close with another picture of me taken on a more ambitious Saturday.  Here I am in costume and character for the Utica Landmarks Society fundraiser, Ritz and Ragtime.  I think of it because Steven recently discovered it, having not seen it immediately after the event, when all the pictures were first shared.  I know exactly where it is on our downloads.

And I don’t care what you see in the movies: that flask does NOT stay nicely tucked into your garter!

Happy Saturday, everyone, and I hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Another Sinus Headache Saturday

Well, I thought it was a sinus headache, so I took a decongestant, and it was downhill from there.  This is so embarrassing!  But I can only press on from where I am, so here is my Not So Scattered Saturday post.

In less than two hours I have to be at the 1834 Jail in Herkimer  (uh, I’m in Herkimer now, I live in Herkimer; I just thought I’d specify for the benefit of readers who are unfamiliar with the information) (or maybe I am still punchy from the drugs) to participate in the Haunted Tour of the Historic Four Corners.  Regular readers know I am a great fan of Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners as well as an aficionado of all things haunted, so this event is made to order for me.  Additionally, one of the ghosts who may or may not haunt the general vicinity is Roxalana Druse, who I memorably portrayed in the Ilion Little Theatre production of Roxy in 2015 (perhaps you read some of my blog posts about it) (and you needn’t think I am being an egotist by saying mine was a memorable portrayal; many people remember it, not just me).

Where was I?  Ah yes, trying to make a blog post.  I did run this morning, before taking the decongestant, so I could have done a Running Commentary post.  Also, I walked my dog, Spunky, for longer than the walk I made a post about yesterday, so I suppose I could have ventured to do two Pedestrian Posts in a row.  I have really done nothing else, except for the dishes.  I feel washing the dishes was something of an accomplishment but am disinclined to write a blog post about it.

Right now I am sitting on my couch with my dog snuggled up close. I hate to move and discommode him, although I am getting a hot flash.  Oh, the tribulations of middle age!  No matter.  I see I am over 300 words. Score!  That counts as a blog post in my twisted world.  Perhaps I can write more about the Historic Four Corners tomorrow. In the meantime, Happy Saturday.


Did Anyone Ever Call Joan Crawford “Joanie”?

This is the reason I should strive to make more good posts and fewer foolish ones:  Some weeks when I get all the way to Thursday of making all foolish posts, I get a whale of a sinus headache and don’t even think I can manage a foolish post.

But here I am whining about my physical ills again. I had made up my mind not to do that any more, or at least to do less of it.  What did I say on Monday?  I must counteract it with, but that’s OK because… I have not had a bad sinus headache in a while.  In fact I’ve had far fewer of them this year than previous years.  So I’ve got that going for me.  Also, My worst headaches rarely last more than a day at a time.  Therefore, there is every chance I will have a headache-free Friday.  Score!

I tried to write earlier today.  It did not go well.  I must, I positively must find ways to make it go better.  It would also be good if I could figure out how to make a readable blog post when I have a headache.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just put an unrelated headline on this and call it Non-Sequitur Thursday.  Maybe something involving Joan Crawford.


I’d Like to Watch Television, Too

I can’t make two real posts in a row, can I?  I know, I have done it before.  Well, I’m not doing it today.  I started to write something at work and it wouldn’t quite gel.  In my defense, I had a bit of a headache.

“Oh no,” my readers moan, “she’s not going to start THAT again!”  Seriously, have I ever really stopped? Sorry, I won’t go on about my aches and pains, except to maybe blame it on the weather.  Up and down the temperatures go, now it’s rainy, now it’s sunny.  I rather enjoy the variety while still pining for that deck-sitting weather I mentioned yesterday.  But changes in the barometric pressure can be bothersome.  I suppose now some readers with superior weather knowledge (or just a superior attitude) are saying with a sniff, “It’s not the barometric pressure, it’s…”  whatever it is.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Don’t be didactic, Myrtle Mae.  It’s unbecoming, and men loathe it.”  That’s a line from a play.

Where was I?  Ah yes, making a Non-Sequitur Thursday post and trying to be quick about it, because I have a baby afghan to finish for a co-worker’s prospective grandchild.  One must be timely about these things, you know, because babies grow awfully fast.  This one isn’t born yet, so I still have time.

In my further defense, I have two plays going on at once.  The murder mystery goes up in two days.  I believe I spoke about that on TuesdayLeading Ladies at Ilion Little Theatre goes up in less than a month.  Yes, you may expect this blog to go All Leading Ladies All The Time soon.  I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday and I hope to see you tomorrow, when I try to think up some play on words involving Lame.


But It’s Only the First Week of August!!!

Yes, it is a three exclamation point situation, and it is not a diatribe about back to school ads. My fall allergies have kicked in.

In past years, fall allergies have involved stuffy  and/or runny nose, itchy eyes, sinus headache, you know, the usual stuff. I’ve taken the usual over the counter remedies with occasional forays into prescription territory. I’ve gone though whole boxes of tissues in a single afternoon.  I’ve irrigated and neti-potted.  I’ve drunk gallons of green tea with local honey (not all at once, like the tissues).

I confess, there has always been a stirring of joy with the first sinus twinge, because it means fall is here.  I love fall.  Well, my problems with my sinusy twinges this year are twofold.

To begin with:  it’s not fall.  Play all the back-to-school ads you want, lament that summer is half over, even start school if you are in one of those states, IT’S STILL NOT FALL YET!  Even the unofficial start of fall (Labor Day) is a month away.  Real fall is almost three weeks after that, and when (or if) we’ll get the pleasant fall weather is anybody’s guess.

The second fold of my problem is these are not the allergy problems I am used to.  What I’m used to is getting the above listed, normal allergy symptoms.  When the symptoms become too bothersome, I take something for it, which usually dopes me up.  It becomes almost a mathematical problem:  how much allergy discomfort makes it worth the discomfort of being horribly lightheaded?  Sometimes the answer changes.  It adds a little interest to my day.

Well, it seems now the main symptom is to be horribly lightheaded.  What the hell, body?

Someone will argue (and you know who you are) that it is really a time, money, and mathematical equation saver.  After all, I’m skipping right over the usual symptoms and going right to the lightheaded part. I suppose, too, I could be pleased that my body decides to switch things up now that I’m into my 50s.  After all, it proves that you can so teach an old dog new tricks.

In any case, I’m feeling too lightheaded to write a real blog post, and I thought this would make a decent Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  Fall allergies when it isn’t really fall.  Having the last step first in the allergy discomfort equation.  Sounds pretty non-sequential to me.  Then again, I am lightheaded.  Hope you’re all having a lovely Thursday.


At Least the Turnover Was Good

In my defense, I have a sinus headache.

I thought I would lead with that instead of making it the headline.  Now I don’t have a headline.  Yes, it’s Tired Tuesday.  I was working on my play during breaks at work today.  I was aware, somewhere in the back of my mind, that I did not have an idea of what to write a blog post about today.  If I was smart I would have spent some time thinking about it.  And here we come to the ugly truth about me.

When I got home I looked in my notebook and found a post I started in January about Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute, which I had visited in December with a sister and a friend.  I thought I could use it, so I typed it in.  Turns out, not so much.  I need to work on it.

I know, I KNOW, just work on it now.  I draw your attention to the first sentence of the post.

The other thought I had was to give another shout-out to Heidelberg Bakery, because my husband went there earlier and bought us bread and a treat.  I thought I could spend at least a couple of hundred words expounding on the delightful experience of eating a chocolate turnover. Yum!

Then again, who wants to read the word “yum” two hundred times?  I’m thinking it is marginally more entertaining to read about me not writing.  But perhaps I flatter myself.  I hope you’ll tune in tomorrow,  Wednesday, when I will strive not to Wuss Out.

Maybe I Shoulda Wussed

I know “shoulda” is not a word. For that matter, neither is “wussed.” What do you people want from me? I’m just a silly blogger who is also in a play. I thought to myself after work, “Don’t have a Wuss-out Wednesday. Take your dog for a walk and write about that.” Yes, sometimes I talk to myself as if I was a separate person. It works for me.

Tabby was beyond excited when I picked up her harness and she realized we were going for a walk. We have not been out in days, because it has been too cold. Yesterday it was snowing as well. It didn’t snow much, so you local readers who are currently saying, “Waaaait a minute!” perhaps missed it. It happened to snow in the brief window of opportunity I had to decide to walk. Also, I’ve been fighting some bugaboo. Why walk in the cold and aggravate a sinus headache?

Today was supposed to be marginally warmer than previous days. High of 21, I think. Well, 21 is in the 20s. I can walk my dog in the 20s. I can even go running in the 20s, but I’ll save that for a day I don’t have rehearsal. I forgot my scarf but had coat, hat, mittens. I still haven’t located Tabby’s coat, but she has her natural fur coat. We wouldn’t take a long walk.

I hadn’t gotten to the end of the driveway when I was questioning the wisdom of walking at all. Ice, ice, ice. Well, perhaps it was just the driveway. After all, we have dripping eaves over the driveway. The sidewalks would be better. Tabby pulled me across the street. Either side was fine with me. The sidewalk plow had done its work.

So intent was I on my walking plan that I had not bothered to change out of my steel-toed work shoes. I soon made the observation that “non-slip soles” must refer to factory floors not icy sidewalks. Yikes! I walked slowly. Tabby was eagerly trotting but nicely moderated her pace to accommodate me. When she stopped to sniff we were both happy.

I have to confess the walk was not the most pleasant I have taken. I did observe the beautifully clear blue sky when Tabby was sniffing once but other than that I mostly kept my eyes on the sidewalk watching for glare ice and poop left behind by inconsiderate dog owners (at least I think it was dog poop; I shall not indulge in further speculation). Soon I realized my face was quite cold. Well, a scarf does not always fix that, I comforted myself. Then again, the scarf would have kept the wind off the back of my neck. However I refused to repine but concentrated on remaining upright.

It was a struggle. When we went through Meyers Park I gave up on the path and plowed through the snow alongside. Many footprints showed I was not the first to do so. It was a great deal more effort, but I felt safer. Tabby stayed on the path, where she found herself once modifying her pace to accommodate me. After the park I saw a lovely stretch of bare sidewalk and almost wiped out getting to it.

After several other scares we made it home. I confess, there were times when only Tabby’s pulling on the leash kept me upright. Thank goodness I don’t have a smaller dog; we may have both gone flying. So now I am left with the question: was this any better than a post of me dithering about how I can’t write a post when I’m in a play? It doesn’t matter. This is today’s post. Now I must get ready for rehearsal.