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A Productive Lame Post Friday

This is my last weekday off till Labor Day, since I return to work from my latest furlough on Monday.  I spent a good part of the day running here and there to research an article I hope to write for Mohawk Valley Living magazine. I thought I could write a whole blog post about my gyrations.  I have a number of pictures I can share.  However, as the evening wears on, I feel increasingly less inclined to do so.

Then again, it is Lame Post Friday.  How about if I share some of the pictures but do not worry if there are not as many words.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Once I start sharing the pictures, I ought to come up with plenty of words.

I love research.

My first stop was the Oneida County History Center in Utica.  They were very helpful.  While there, I realized that some of the pottery I was researching was on display at Fountain Elms, part of Munson Williams Proctor Institute.  Accordingly,  I headed back down Genessee Street.

Mmmm… beer steins.

I did not stay there long, although I was tempted to grab a bite at their Cafe.  Next time, I hope!  Instead, I took a drive to Little Falls, to Showcase Antiques.  First I did stop for a bite at Ann Street Deli.  I was hungry and needed a pick-me-up!

One photo of many.

I found the particular display I was looking for and had a delightful conversation with one of the owners.  I also looked all around the shop and took a few pictures unrelated to my project at hand.

How could I not take a picture of Schulz and Dooley?

It was a productive and enjoyable day.  Now I have a lot more writing to do.  It should be fun.  In the meantime,  Happy Friday, everyone!


At Least the Turnover Was Good

In my defense, I have a sinus headache.

I thought I would lead with that instead of making it the headline.  Now I don’t have a headline.  Yes, it’s Tired Tuesday.  I was working on my play during breaks at work today.  I was aware, somewhere in the back of my mind, that I did not have an idea of what to write a blog post about today.  If I was smart I would have spent some time thinking about it.  And here we come to the ugly truth about me.

When I got home I looked in my notebook and found a post I started in January about Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute, which I had visited in December with a sister and a friend.  I thought I could use it, so I typed it in.  Turns out, not so much.  I need to work on it.

I know, I KNOW, just work on it now.  I draw your attention to the first sentence of the post.

The other thought I had was to give another shout-out to Heidelberg Bakery, because my husband went there earlier and bought us bread and a treat.  I thought I could spend at least a couple of hundred words expounding on the delightful experience of eating a chocolate turnover. Yum!

Then again, who wants to read the word “yum” two hundred times?  I’m thinking it is marginally more entertaining to read about me not writing.  But perhaps I flatter myself.  I hope you’ll tune in tomorrow,  Wednesday, when I will strive not to Wuss Out.