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As If I Had Actually Written Something

Oh, just type anything.


That is what I finally said to myself after staring at the blank space under “Add New Post” on the wordpress page.   It is Monday, so I know I can do a Middle-age Musing Monday or a Monday Mental Meanderings (still can’t decide between those two).  However, whatever I do, I must actually type words into the computer.


It’s a funny thing about words and me.  Sometimes they just fall out of my fingers, via pen or keyboard.  Today at work (BEFORE work and while ON BREAK, in case you were concerned), I wrote almost two pages on my novel (YES, the novel I was supposed to finish in May, don’t judge).  Got to the end of the scene, yes!


Couldn’t start another scene.  I was just blank.  And the blankness continues.  All I can write about, and I realize this seems to happen to me frequently, is the fact that I can’t write.   AAAUUUGH!!!


I could blame the weather:  it became cold and rainy today.  It brought on flashbacks to 2013.  In 2013, I had signed up for a St. Baldrick’s Day fundraiser.  I asked for donations to help cure children’s cancer, then I got my head shaved.  That happened June 2.  It was swelteringly hot all May.  I cursed my hair, which I had not cut for almost two years.  I got it shaved.   Then the weather turned cold.  It was a rainy, miserable June.  Then Herkimer flooded on June 30.


You know, I could have expanded that last paragraph into a full blog post, and it would have looked as if I had actually written something.  Silly me.



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  1. Do you have a favourite spot that makes writing more comfortable? I noticed I write a lot when I’m lying in bed. When I should be doing other things.. like sleeping…
    But I know how you feel. I’ve come up black at times, just staring ahead. S I just write some really short lines about what “should” happen or “could” happen and move on with the rest. 😮

    Good luck on your novel though. Inspiration comes when you least expect it so always keep something to write on with you (but I guess you already knew that). 😛

    • I can write just about anywhere and I usually do. Of course some of it isn’t very good, but you’ll have that. That’s a good idea of writing about what could happen. I’ve tried that, with greater or lesser success at different times. And YES I ALWAYS have a notebook with me, even if it’s just a bitty pocket one in my purse or cargo pocket of my work pants. Thanks for the comment and the Like!

  2. So I guess I’m not gonna ask how Finish that Novel May went.

    • Did I say Finish That Novel May? What I meant was I MAY Finish That Novel. Actually I’m going to call it a partial success, because it got me working on it again, instead of just looking at it and making b-b-b-b noises. I wrote a couple of scenes today that seemed not too bad to me. When you get stuck in a murder mystery, you can always kill off another character!


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