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I Had a Monstrous Time Trying to Write

I knew earlier today I would make a blog post about Not Writing. I knew it when I got to work early, took out my notebook, put pen to paper, and… no words. I don’t even know how to describe it. I usually say Writer’s Blank, as opposed to Writer’s Block, but it was more than a blank mind. It was a complete lack of mental function. Cue unkind remarks about how my mental facultlies’ functioning is sporadic at best.

At least he managed more than a blank page.

I threw in a picture of Nosferatu so I could combine a whiny I Can’t Write Post with a Monstrous Monday Post. Regular readers know how much I love my monsters.

It was quite the disappointment this morning when my brain refused to work. I suppose some people would have advised me to write anyways, that I was just being lazy or timorous, there’s no such thing as Writer’s Block! They could have a point. I did give up rather quickly.

Maybe my brain had been eaten!

The thing is, sometimes I want to give myself a break. Sometimes I am completely disinclined to sit in front of a blank page feeling huge resistance. Sometimes I just want to open my puzzle book and work on a cryptogram.

Um, I did not pour myself a glass of wine at work.

As I type this (on my Tablet, one letter at a time with the stylus, just to give you the picture), I am suddenly not inclined to let myself off the hook. For heaven’s sake, I say to myself, couldn’t I have written SOMETHING? Perhaps not the project at hand, but another project, a blog post, a letter, anything! Did I even try?

That’s it! We’ll blame it on Monday!

This self-recrimination is useless. I can’t jump into a time machine, return to this morning and try again, a little harder this time, to write. All I can do is work on the next time I put pen to paper.

In the meantime, I am over 300 words and have included a couple monsters. Let’s call it a blog post. Thank you for tuning in.


Block, Blank, Blob? It’s Tired Tuesday!

Alas, I am having a Tired Tuesday. Many of my days are tired, but today it is at least alliterative. I take my happiness where I find it.

Wow, this is really bad. I just pecked in the above paragraph (one letter at a time with the stylus, feeling happy that I found my stylus again) (speaking of taking my happiness, etc.), then sat here staring at the otherwise blank screen. Earlier today, I opened my notebook (the paper, spiral-bound kind, of course), picked up my pen, and, yes, stared at the blankness.

I’ve said it before: I don’t usually get Writer’s Block, I get Writer’s Blank. I know, I know, the solution is to just write something, anything. Well, that’s what I’m doing, isn’t it? And I gotta say, I am not pleased with what I am writing. Maybe the blank was better (ooh, a little more alliteration!).

How about Writer’s Blob instead?

When in doubt, throw in a picture of a monster and hope for the best. I do feel rather blobbish when I am not writing. It is one of those vicious cycles: I don’t write because I feel blobbish, and I feel blobbish when I do not write. That being the case, I would expect to feel at least marginally less blobbish now.

But blobbish or not, I am over 200 words. I’ll try for a better blog post tomorrow.

I Know! We’ll Blame it on the Weather!

This was actually not the illustration I was looking for.

It is not Writer’s Block; it is Writer’s Blank.  I can pick up a pen (or a stylus as the case may be) and produce words, but they are not the words I want.  When I try to think of characters, scenes, plot… nothing.

Yet I must persevere.

This isn’t it either, but what the hell, it is Tuesday.

I knew I could at least manage a Tired Tuesday Post.  I have been trying to abide by my rule of Any Writing Counts, but so far it has not been working out well.  Today I only made some notes in the TV Journal.  Yesterday I managed a couple of cards, before that a letter.  However, when I put pen to paper and attempt fiction, nothing.

THIS is the one I was looking for!

I really did put pen to paper and try.  I feel this is important.  There are many times (and I feel sure I am not the only one here) when I feel so discouraged, I do not even try.  I will, of course, try again.

In the meantime,  this is yet another blog post about not writing.  I wonder if I can’t find one more illustration, for your amusement and mine.

Me not be dramatic? Dream on!

Perhaps the hot humid weather is to blame for my malaise.  Most likely it is, as usual, operator error.  However, I shall try again tomorrow.  Sooner or later I hope to meet with success.


Am I Write?

I am wondering if today’s post will be Mid-week Middle-aged Musings or Wuss-out Wednesday.   I guess I’ll start typing and see what happens (and by “typing,” of course I mean tapping one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet).

Who me? A monster? I suppose it could be.

This is not the illustration I was looking for, but I think it is fitting for a post about not writing.  Today was a particularly dreadful day in that respect.  I could not convince myself to write any post cards or letters (I am running out of post cards in any case).  I did not even make any notes in the TV Journal.  That novel?  I couldn’t even think about it!

Some would say that this is the moment to take myself firmly in hand and Just Write.  What am I stalling for, these people will ask.  Stop being so lazy, they will exhort.  Put pen to paper and get on with it!

My sister Cheryl gave me this, and many agree to its appropriateness.

I think “Oh, stop dilly dallying” is  kinder exhortation than “Stop being so lazy!”  The question is how I will respond to any exhortations.

OK.  I just typed in about five sentences after the word “exhortations” and backspaced them out.  I guess trying to make a blog post has not cured my malaise.  No matter.  I am over 200 words.  Perhaps after I hit Publish I will take up a pen and try again.

THIS is the illustration I was looking for!


Apparently I Can Write a Blog Post

I can’t have a Monstrous Tuesday; it’s not alliterative!  But here I am, doing nothing but read other blogs or look at Facebook when I meant to be making today’s post.  I should perhaps mention I am having a dreadful bout of Writer’s Blank.  At least, maybe this time it really is Writer’s Block, because there are words in my head that I intend to write.  Only when I sit down and put pen to paper, nothing comes out.

I found this gem by typing “monsters writing” into the search bar on Facebook.

Maybe it really is a discipline thing.  Perhaps if I gritted my teeth and forced myself to write the words I was thinking… Look, I already get sore muscles in my temples from grinding my teeth in my sleep, I do NOT need any more teeth gritting.  I really did sit down and write a sentence, which I immediately hated.  Oh, it was not the sentence you see at the top of this post.  I was trying to write my articles for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.

I imagine this was done with some gritted teeth.

I seem to follow a pattern with almost everything I write:  I can’t write it, I can’t write it, I can’t write it, I sit down and write it.  And I have yet to figure out how to skip any of the “I can’t write it”s.  I like to think the picture above is what might result if I tried.  For the uninitiated, it is from the 1980 movie The Shining, adapted from the Steven King book (by the way, they changed a LOT).  The main character is a writer, and this is all he has managed to come up with.

And now here I am approaching 300 words after I thought I couldn’t write at all.  So I guess that is one solution:  if you can’t write one thing, try something else.  Maybe I will be able to segue over to my articles next.  In the meantime, I’m going to call this a Tired Tuesday and drive on.  Maybe one picture of Nosferatu, just to cheer myself up.

“Wasn’t I supposed to be here on Monstrous Monday?”


Blank Mind, Dumb Blog, Here’s a Vampire

How many times has Wuss-out Wednesday followed Tired Tuesday?  Many.  Today shall make one more, but I hope to think of something amusing to say nevertheless.  Mind you, my hopes are not high, but any hope on a blank page is nice.

Blank is the operative word.  I have a dreadful case of Writer’s Blank.  That is when I look at a blank page (or computer screen) and that is exactly how it stays, because my brain is just that: BLANK.  It is all very well to say, “Just write something, anything down.”  I can’t think of anything to write down!  Then I think of something, write it down, and it’s STUPID!  I can’t continue with that!  And it would not matter if I bullishly forced myself to continue with it, because I cannot for the life of me think of another sentence.

Obviously that is not what is happening right now with this blog post, but it is what happened earlier when I was faced with a blank page in my notebook.  I started jotting down ideas I had for a murder mystery I must write for September (more on that when it gets closer) (I am, of course, taking it for granted that I WILL eventually be able to write the thing).  I have been tumbling ideas around in my head for a few weeks now.  As I put pen to paper, I realized I had very few ideas after all and the ones I had were dumb.  OK, it was one idea.  One stupid idea.

I will somehow get beyond this idea-less phase.  I will write down words and then more words.  I may even like them.  In the meantime, I am going to end with a picture of Nosferatu and hit Publish.  I may try again later with a pen and paper.  Further updates as events warrant.

Do you suppose I would write better or worse if this fellow was actually standing over me?

Woe and Wuss

Today is Wuss-out Wednesday due to computer woes.  I must compose quickly and get off my device while I still have power.

My plan had been to write something BEFORE getting on the computer.  Did I? Of course not!  I had Blogger’s Blank.  Ooh, nice alliteration there.  Usually I have Writer’s Blank, but in fact I wrote a couple of pages on a letter, most of an article for Mohawk Valley Living, and a page and a half in the TV Journal.  I can write fine!  I just can’t seem to write a blog post.

Winter continues to pummel the Mohawk Valley, but unevenly.  Some places got lots of snow, some a little, but everybody at least some.  And it was COLD!   I know, I know, it’s January.  I wasn’t complaining about it, I was just reporting.

After work today I met with a lady who wants to do a dinner theatre as a fundraiser for her church.  She reached out to Ilion Little Theatre for help, which I say was a very good choice.  When the matter first came up at one of our dinner meetings, I said, “You know, you do have a member that used to write murder mystery dinner theatre and is dying to do another one!”

A few actors expressed an interest.  I started writing.  Today, as I said, I met with the lady from the church, and it looks as if this is going to happen.  That will definitely be worth a blog post or two!

For today, however, this is all I got.  At least it is over 250 words.  I’m going to go back and write some more in the TV Journal.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.


Ah Yes, the Blog Post

I spent the day knowing that sooner or later I would have to come up with a blog post.  Of course my Writer’s Blank continues.  Did I mention I was suffering from Writer’s Blank?  I guess it’s not exactly blank, since I am, in fact, able to put words on paper (or on screen, as the case may be).   But they aren’t good words (not that I’m the best judge of that) and I don’t like them (of course I am the only judge of that).

Where was I?  Ah yes, trying for a Scattered Saturday post.

I got up early and left my house bound for Marcy then Liverpool.  I picked up my sister Cheryl and we headed to Breakfast with Santa, which was organized by my sister Diane, at Christ the King Church.  She has been in charge of the event for some years now, but this is the first time I have ever been able to attend.

That would make a good blog post, wouldn’t it?  Not exactly in the Mohawk Valley, but a nice community event.  Or the adventure of me driving my sister into Syracuse.  That was pretty brave of her, wasn’t it?  We had an even more adventurous ride home, with part of a couch sticking out of the back of my SUV.

And, yes, the couch is its own adventure, nicely given to me and Steven by my cousin Mary Beth.  Mary Beth, Cheryl and I got it out of Mary’s house and into my vehicle.  Steve and my nephew Dan helped us get it into my house.  Fun times!

Now I am cooking one of what Steven calls my conglomerations (how DO you spell that word?) (got it).  I don’t know how it will turn out as I am not sure what all I will put in it.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

That’s right! Scattered Saturday!  A brief overview of my activities, any one of which I may write about at greater length at some future date and time.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


The Most Boring Post Yet?

Yesterday when I ended with the threat that I was going to publish The Most Boring Post Yet for comparison purposes with yesterday’s nonsense, I bet a lot you thought I was just kidding.  Well, maybe I was, and yet, here we are.  I worked this morning then had a lovely afternoon of adventuring.  I just don’t darn well feel like composing a blog post right now.  So, pretend it is still Friday and read:

Is it time for another Lame Post Friday already? Oh dear. I am having the worst case of Writer’s Blank I have had in a long time. At least, I seem to remember writing that I had one recently. Was it a Tired Tuesday or a Wuss-out Wednesday? I can’t possibly go back to previous posts and check.

I could write a cooking post. I have some bean soup on the stove which is tasting pretty good. My problem is I am a little bored with my cooking methods. I seem to always start with chopping up an onion and putting it in some oil to cook, then crushing up some cloves of garlic and letting them breathe (or whatever it is they do) for fifteen minutes (and I usually use the line “breathe (or whatever it is they do)”). One night last week, I asked Steven to cook because I just couldn’t face chopping that onion and putting it in oil to cook.

And now I feel silly for railing against it, because onions cooked down in oil is a very good start to many recipes. Still, how many times can I write about it? I need a new technique.

My overarching problem today is that I am in kind of a down mood. That is a rather distressing state of affairs on a Friday, for a Monday through Friday worker such as myself. I think it is reasonable to expect a lightening of mood when I do not have to be at work tomorrow. Not that my job is so burdensome, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

This is the worst post I have written yet. I can’t publish this. I will save it as a draft and try something else.

Back to the present time:  now that I read this again, it is not so stinking bad, is it? I wonder what else was in that bean soup.  I’d like to make it again.


As If I Had Actually Written Something

Oh, just type anything.


That is what I finally said to myself after staring at the blank space under “Add New Post” on the wordpress page.   It is Monday, so I know I can do a Middle-age Musing Monday or a Monday Mental Meanderings (still can’t decide between those two).  However, whatever I do, I must actually type words into the computer.


It’s a funny thing about words and me.  Sometimes they just fall out of my fingers, via pen or keyboard.  Today at work (BEFORE work and while ON BREAK, in case you were concerned), I wrote almost two pages on my novel (YES, the novel I was supposed to finish in May, don’t judge).  Got to the end of the scene, yes!


Couldn’t start another scene.  I was just blank.  And the blankness continues.  All I can write about, and I realize this seems to happen to me frequently, is the fact that I can’t write.   AAAUUUGH!!!


I could blame the weather:  it became cold and rainy today.  It brought on flashbacks to 2013.  In 2013, I had signed up for a St. Baldrick’s Day fundraiser.  I asked for donations to help cure children’s cancer, then I got my head shaved.  That happened June 2.  It was swelteringly hot all May.  I cursed my hair, which I had not cut for almost two years.  I got it shaved.   Then the weather turned cold.  It was a rainy, miserable June.  Then Herkimer flooded on June 30.


You know, I could have expanded that last paragraph into a full blog post, and it would have looked as if I had actually written something.  Silly me.