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Blank Mind, Dumb Blog, Here’s a Vampire

How many times has Wuss-out Wednesday followed Tired Tuesday?  Many.  Today shall make one more, but I hope to think of something amusing to say nevertheless.  Mind you, my hopes are not high, but any hope on a blank page is nice.

Blank is the operative word.  I have a dreadful case of Writer’s Blank.  That is when I look at a blank page (or computer screen) and that is exactly how it stays, because my brain is just that: BLANK.  It is all very well to say, “Just write something, anything down.”  I can’t think of anything to write down!  Then I think of something, write it down, and it’s STUPID!  I can’t continue with that!  And it would not matter if I bullishly forced myself to continue with it, because I cannot for the life of me think of another sentence.

Obviously that is not what is happening right now with this blog post, but it is what happened earlier when I was faced with a blank page in my notebook.  I started jotting down ideas I had for a murder mystery I must write for September (more on that when it gets closer) (I am, of course, taking it for granted that I WILL eventually be able to write the thing).  I have been tumbling ideas around in my head for a few weeks now.  As I put pen to paper, I realized I had very few ideas after all and the ones I had were dumb.  OK, it was one idea.  One stupid idea.

I will somehow get beyond this idea-less phase.  I will write down words and then more words.  I may even like them.  In the meantime, I am going to end with a picture of Nosferatu and hit Publish.  I may try again later with a pen and paper.  Further updates as events warrant.

Do you suppose I would write better or worse if this fellow was actually standing over me?

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  1. Well, at least you are finding out the ideas you don’t want to use! With that out of the way, the better ideas will follow!


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