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At Least I Am Enjoying My Sunday

Now I shall make my blog post.  It will be short.  It will  be silly.


I took a long run this morning, which may have been worth a blog post. I auditioned for a play which is definitely worth a blog post.  Steven and I went for a snack and a drink, another blog-worthy activity.


So perhaps this is a Preview of Coming Attractions.


The point is, I am in a happy mood.  I have learned that when one is in a happy mood, it is a good idea to just enjoy it.  The problem with that is, I want to do just that: sit here and enjoy it.  Not type entertaining (or do I flatter myself?) sentences into WordPress.  Just enjoy it.


To set the scene:  I am sitting on my deck, my abbreviated container garden (for ONCE I have honored my vow NOT to go overboard) nicely before my eyes, a nice view of my backyard and those of my immediate neighbors likewise in sight.  The only thing to mar my utter enjoyment is one neighbor being deplorably  ambitious  with a power tool.  Not that I deplore ambition in general.  I just don’t like noise.


I strive not to have too many “nothing” posts in a row.  I think I did a “real”  post yesterday. I shall call today good, hit publish, and go back to enjoying my Sunday.  As, of course, I hope you are enjoying yours.


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