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Neither a Tall Table nor a Tall Tale

Is it going to be a Saturday thing now that I go out for dinner and drinks and then post?  It was pretty fun last Saturday and, well, here I am.

This Saturday we only went to dinner, not to a wine tasting first, and we did not have friends with us, definitely not my evil twin Phyllis, who always tempts me into bad behavior (as if I needed any encouragement) (and just to be clear, Phyllis and I are BOTH the evil twin).  But we did have a very good dinner at PK’s Pub in Herkimer, NY.

We went early to dinner, because I was hoping to sit at the tall table, which is my favorite.  When we got there, there was only one other patron in the restaurant.  Guess where he was sitting.  No matter, we sat down, got some Pinot Grigio and perused the menu.

I selected spaghetti with Alfredo sauce while Steven got mushroom stew over penne pasta.  They were out of spaghetti, but angel hair was fine with me.  We both both got tossed salad instead of soup, Italian dressing for me, Ranch for Steven.  The bread with herbed butter is always a favorite of ours.

We were feeling so comfortably full after dinner (taking home enough for at lease one more meal) that we were NOT going to get dessert.  Then, of course, we decided to.  Monkey Pie for Steven, Samoa Cheesecake for me.  Yum!

Now we are home, listening to music and chilling.  Full disclosure:  we stopped at Vintage Spirits to get a bottle of wine.  Lushy, perhaps, but it is Saturday night.  And I am having a glass of seltzer with lemon before wining further, so there.

We MIGHT have a Mohawk Valley adventure tomorrow.  If so, you’ll read about it here.  If I don’t indulge in a Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I think a little uncertainty adds interest to the blog, don’t you agree? (And if you don’t, well raspberries to you!)  Happy Saturday, everybody.

PK’s Pub is located at 221 King St. in Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-3494.  You can visit their website at and you can Like them on Facebook.


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  1. I totally share your frustration over not being able to sit in your favourite spot!


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