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And Then Another Lame

OK, so it really is a Friday for me when I did not completely expect one.  I thought I was working Saturday until about 2:47 this afternoon.  OK,  I don’t know exactly what time it was; I just thought it would be funny to say it was a specific time that did not involve fives or zeros.

So I got home all happy and had a glass of wine.  My nice husband and I had amorphous plans.  We thought to go to K Mart and look at a ghost we might like to purchase.  I thought I would cook quesadillas.  We were not clear on order of events or times.  Then Steven (really, the perfect husband) said, “Or we could go out to eat.”

Obviously that is what we did.  At my suggestion we went to the Copper Moose Alehouse in Little Falls.  We sat at the bar and had some more Pinot Grigio (not enough that Steven could not drive home) and ordered food.  I had shrimp tacos.  Steven had a hamburger involving a fried egg and other toppings.  We chatted up the bartender and others.

In all, it was a delightful evening and one well worth a blog post. Can I always write a blog post at the end of a delightful evening? Regular readers know, the answer to that question is NO!!!

On the other hand, it is Lame Post Friday.  This is me, being lame for the day. I shall now go back to enjoying my Friday, as indeed, I hope the rest of you are doing.

But until I get to writing a real post about Copper Moose Alehouse, you can check them out yourself.  They are located at 518 E. Main St., Little Falls, NY , open Tuesday through Thursday 4 to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 4 to 11 p.m.  You can Like them on Facebook.  Let me know what you think.


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