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A Little More About the Laundry

Continuing my laundry saga will allow me to give a shout-out to two local businesses.  Therefore I offer the following in lieu of my usual Tired Tuesday post.

Our first stop was Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner for breakfast.  I’ve written about Crazy Otto’s numerous times.  It is a local favorite.  They were doing a booming business, as usual, but we were able to get a booth.

The crab meat omelet special was tempting, but I was conservative and ordered a bagel with cream cheese.  I was pleased that they had Everything bagels.  Being indecisive, as I am, I love Everything bagels, because you don’t have to decide on one.  The waitress asked if I wanted it toasted or grilled. I had never had a grilled bagel before.  It was quite tasty.  Steven had bacon and eggs with hash browns and Italian toast.

As we were paying, I noticed two orders of steak and eggs go by.  I’ve never gotten steak and eggs.  What steaks!  They were huge and looked delicious!  I’m getting that next time.

Properly nourished, we walked across the street to Collis Hardware.  Collis TrueValue Hardware is a real old-fashioned hardware store.  It is located on Main Street in Herkimer, where I’m sure it has stood for years.  I’ll have to look up some history about it, but, well, I guess it’s still Tired Tuesday, because I can’t do it right now.

Be that as it may, on Sunday we found someone to help us right away.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we needed a new cord for our new (to us) drier.  We had a rubbing of the socket it had to go into and a diagram of what the plug should look like.  The man at Collis quickly found just what we needed.

Back home, I put a load of laundry into the washer while Steven installed the new cord.  If the drier still didn’t work, I knew I could hang them out to dry on the clothesline.  Perhaps I should have anyways, because Sunday was a nice sunny day.  Still, we wanted to use the new (to us) drier.  It turned right on with the new cord.  And the hose popped out of the back.  Steven was able to reattach it, so we were in business.

I hope this post was better than my usual Tire Tuesday tripe (see what I did there?).  My question now is, will I end up doing as many blog posts about the new (to us) (yes I’m going to keep doing that) washer and drier as I did about the laundromat?  I’m not going to keep score.  If you are… you might like to look for a more fulfilling hobby.



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  1. Grand Finale’s: I was pleased to hear that “adventures in laundry” finally had some climatic ending, seemingly assisted by the added value of “Collis Hardware.” In this day and age, especially with the mega center superstores, which seem to have consumed your average once a upon a time family/owned operated general store – it’s nice to see a place exists that still provides people with that personal touch when you need it. How many places can you walk into a store with a piece of paper someone will actually take the time to read, look and say “I think I can figure out what” or what that diagram means, let alone match the needed part! Thus, I was pleasingly amused by this “fitting” ending. I actually was able to hear Steve in person explain this story the Ilion Little Theatre (ILT) this past Sunday (11/15) during our last showing of “Lunch Hour.” I was pleasantly amused at this blog and others including Crazy Otto’s where after I immediately was hankering for steak well after that reading. Well I wanted to thank the Mohawk Valley Girl’s contribution to the blog and work on our production theatre in general this past season. Her reading and support as stage director was immense, more than words could express. Hence I’m happy she could get assistance outside of the stage world, within her own valley of existence. I expect now that the most current show is over at the ILT, I even might find myself having more time to “dither” around her blogs. Well done Mohawk Valley Girl, and if anyone ever wants advice on how to make a good pot of tea, just query the valley girl, she has a good way of keeping one charged up. JW – now “retired” thespian! Maybe a posting on existentialism is in order for the winter break, yet another subject all together…in the meantime…enjoy the laundry and thanks for keeping it “clean.”

    • Well, thank you very much, for your nice comment and kind thoughts. You are so right about small stores with the personal touch! I seek them out and am happy to mention them in my blog. I hope you don’t mean to stay retired from the theatre. At least we must do dinner and a show again. Hope to see you soon!


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