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Rain, Not Lame, Run

Well, it is Friday, but I made a Friday Lame Post earlier this week, so I thought I would attempt a Running Commentary.  For one reason, it added to my motivation to run this morning.

I did not get out the door till about 7:30, but it was still pretty cold.  It had been raining in the night but seemed to have stopped.  My dog Spunky indicated that he wanted to go for a walk while I was bustling about getting ready, so I had a preview of the temperature.  Brr!  Spunky didn’t even make it to the end of the driveway.  Nevertheless, I had decided to run, I was going to run.

Another reason I wanted to run was that I could run by Ramar Liquor. No, not to buy booze!  (Not but what a glass of wine would taste pretty good right now, but I digress.)  Anyone who read yesterday’s post may remember that the business unfortunately burned down.  Does this make me a rubber-necking busybody or a concerned customer?  No matter, it was motivation to get out the door so I went.

Ramar’s is located on Caroline Street, which I often run on anyways.  I don’t usually run as far down as Ramar’s, but today I planned to.  It is only a block further from where I usually turn.  The sidewalks were wet but not slippery.  They were mostly bare with a few patches of snow.  Oh dear.  I did not want another wet sock run.  I went around snow and puddles as best I could.  The cold was not too dreadful.  Only my face was really uncomfortable.  My legs were pumping along with no problem, and my breathing wasn’t too bad either.

Caution tape surrounded the sad burned-out liquor store, but the sidewalk was not blocked off.  A few men were standing outside, including one I knew by sight as one of the owners.  As I ran by, I caught his eye and said good morning.

“I was so sorry to hear about this,”  I said.

“Thank you,” he answered.

I was glad I had been able to express some sympathy, although I suppose it didn’t really help much.  I still had the greater part of my run to get through, so of course I kept going.

It started to rain again.  First a few drops that I could pretend to myself were merely blowing off the trees, then a more steady rain.  However, it was not a downpour and I was able to keep going.  I did not feel too tired till almost the end of the run, so I felt pretty good about that.  I didn’t even mind the rain too much, although it did gather on my glasses and obscure my vision a bit.

I ended up running 30 minutes, which was perhaps less than I ought to have done (my last longest run was 38), especially considering I am hoping to run a 5K.  Then again, I can’t quite remember when and where the 5K is, so perhaps my ambitions are for naught.  In any case, I ran today.  I burned a few calories, enhanced my health, and wrote a (hopefully non-lame) blog post.  We’ll call that a win.  Happy Friday, everyone.



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