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If Only Dithering Burned Calories!

To run or not to run… is not really the question. How’s that for hacking Shakespeare? I guess it’s kind of a cliche, but here is something else that has become something of a cliche (I don’t know how to add an accent, so my computer is underlining it. How embarrassing) at least in the context of this blog: I am dithering.

The subject of my dithering is the Reindeer Run 5K, part of the Christmas in Little Falls festivities this Saturday. I have participated for several years. It is a very run run: nice people, interesting course (I love Little Falls), and you end up at Ed & Bud’s, where you can get a Tom & Jerry, a traditional Christmas drink. Why, you may well ask, am I dithering?

Well, sad to admit, I have not been running enough. I have been running; I’m not a complete slug. However, it has only been maybe three times a week: Saturday, Sunday and usually Wednesday. And when I have worked Saturday overtime, it has not been Saturday. I am in shape, but only because I maintain that round and puffy is a shape. I am not in 5K shape.

One could argue that this does not matter. People run 5Ks and even longer runs without properly training or training at all. Your body can put up with a one-time great effort. I, personally, can usually count on my stubbornness to keep me going when my body is not actually up to the challenge. It is really a question of how ate-up I will feel afterwards

I do not want to feel ate-up. I want to enjoy all the fun things going on in Little Falls this Saturday! I don’t want to spend the whole run feeling completely horrible. I want to enjoy myself!

These arguments are really very spurious. I will no doubt enjoy the run even if my body does spend the whole time complaining. I feel I am being highly entertaining with my whining. For example, on one run, I passed a couple of ladies pushing strollers.

“There would be room for me in that stroller!” I said. “That kid could shove over!” I got a laugh, or a least a smile.

Additionally, even when I am in the best of shape, I often finish these runs feeling completely ate-up. I like to, as an admired drill sergeant used to say, leave it all on the track. I run faster than I normally go (my Garmin attests to the fact), start my final sprint too early, and run just as hard as I can at the end. it’s more fun that way! And even when it’s not, I just can’t seem to help myself.

I think I must admit that it is my own laziness and depression that are trying to talk me out of signing up for this run. I will feel really bad if I do not participate. Is the dreaded FOMO rearing its ugly head (ooh, there’s a cliche: “rearing its ugly head”) (and it is “its” not “it’s,” I’ve known that since seventh grade and with others knew it as well)? I don’t know if I am succumbing to a recently documented Facebook disease, but I know that if I do not do the Reindeer Run, I will, in fact, Miss Out.


Yay, Rock City Runners!

So I did one thing today. I volunteered for the Turkey Trot 5K sponsored by Rock City Runners of Little Falls, NY. My job was to (wo)man an intersection, keeping traffic at bay and runners on track. I was assigned an intersection above the hospital. It was a quiet zone.

I figured me cheering on runners was quiet enough.

I got there early and paced around waiting for the runners. They were to pass below me on Burwell, run by the ballfield, then by me and on. This will make sense to those familiar with Little Falls, but I imagine other readers will catch up. So to speak.

See the haze in the background?

This is looking down from where I stood. I could see the runners but distrusted my ability to photograph them.

I watched for runners from this direction.

When the runners went by me, I cheered them all on. I wished I was one of them but know that volunteers are important too.

My view most of the time.

It started to rain and pretty much did not stop, so I took a shot that showed my umbrella, for which I was grateful.

I must say it is more fun to run than volunteer, but I do not rule out doing it again. For one reason, I know I am contributing to a community event. This one raised funds for two local charities. Yay, Rock City Runners!

Pre 5K Post?

Yes, I am making my Friday post early Saturday,morning.  I just couldn’t make  Lame Post Friday post on Good Friday.  I imagine I have done so before, but of course I am too lazy to go back and check.  Additionally rendering Lame Post Friday inappropriate,  I do not go back to work on Monday after all.  Did I mention that on Thursday?  That is when I found out (again, too lazy to go back and check).

On the not so lazy side, after I publish this, I shall go running.  I hope to do a virtual 5K, sponsored by Rock City Runners of Little Falls, NY.  I may have mentioned this before:  I register  on Run Sign Up Dot Com, pay $10, which benefits Little Falls Food Pantry; run 5Ks all on my own, and upload my results… somewhere.

The uploading is what mystifies me.  Upload what where?  Type 38:52 into… some website?  I pulled that number out of the ambient air as a guess as to how long it will take me to run 5Ks.  I feel quite foolish and ignorant,  but that’s me,  an ignorant  fool.

Never mind.  I am approaching 200 words and the bottom of my coffee cup.  Let’s get this dog and pony show on the road (of course I do not run as fast as either of those nice animals).  I may not know how to upload results, but I can write a blog post about them. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


To Doodah or Not to Doodah

I thought of that title while I was running this morning, and I like it.

The Doodah Parade is part of the Ilion Days festivities in Ilion, NY.  Full Disclosure: the Days have been going on since July 13, and I have missed them all so far.  What the heck was I doing last weekend? Probably drinking wine.  Judge me if you so choose.

Anyways, for the last three years I have participated in this deliciously named parade with Ilion Little Theatre.   Last year I was a wizardry witch.  That is, I wore the silly wizard costume I had worn in May for a March of Dimes event but paired it with a silly witch hat I have had for some years.  And I had two wands, because my friend Kim gifted me one that day.

Me at last year’s parade.


The previous year I dressed as Dorothea Doodah, a character of my own invention.  The first year I participated I dressed as a pirate.  I don’t have any pictures of the other Doodahs, but I may have one of me as a pirate, when I revived the costume for a parade in Little Falls.

I’m the one on the right.

Clearly my main problem with being in the parade tomorrow is that I must come up with a costume. Of course it is perfectly acceptable to repeat a costume, but it is more fun not to.  I could probably come up with something.

Also on the Don’t Do It side is my desire to run in a 5K in Ilion on Saturday.   Many people can do both.  I am not of their number.   Again, judge me if you will. I felt after my run this morning that I am in fine 5K shape.  And so I dither.

My silly wizard costume, which I include for your further entertainment.

I have really been enjoying running lately.  But I always enjoy dressing up in a costume.  Could I do both?  Will I end up doing neither?  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Running to Halloween?

I was determined to go running today, and to write a Running Commentary post.  First task completed!  On the the second part…

When I got home from work today, I did not pause and change my mind.  I went upstairs, gathered a load of laundry and put on running clothes. You see, I intended to multi-task by putting clothes in the washer while I ran (and felt pretty virtuous about it, since I am not out of clean underwear, nor is Steven out of clean socks).  I got the washer going, then got going myself.

I started out in the opposite direction of what I usually take, heading towards State Street instead of German.  The reason was that I had noticed a house down the street with Halloween decorations in the front yard.  I need a little Halloween!  I saw another house with a couple of scarecrows by the porch, so that was nice.

It was fine running weather:  not hot, not too sunny.  Of course, I was NOT in fine running shape.  I’m not even sure when I last ran, but I believe it was more than a week ago.  In my defense… OK, I have no defense.  It was stupid of me not to run, or at least get some form of exercise.  What can I say?  We do not always do what is best for ourselves (Oh, I suppose YOU do?).  However, I was happy I was out there moving, and I can continue to get out there on a regular basis.  I hope.

The house did not have as many decorations as some (not as many as MY house is going to have), but it did look nice.  I love Halloween.  I ran past it and turned right onto West Albany Street.  Hmm… which street should I run up?  Not Henry, that was too close. Maybe Caroline and make a BIG rectangle.  Instead I went up Margaret, because I did not feel like running around some cars I saw parked across the sidewalk.  I should perhaps mention that my body was not best pleased with me.  I wondered how long I could keep up even my slow middle-aged shuffle.

Twenty minutes.  I could go 20 minutes.  Oh dear, I wasn’t even at ten.  Never mind.  Just keep going.  I looked at different houses, envied a few screened in porches, admired some late blooming flowers, and calculated how long it was going to take me to get back into 5K shape.  There is a 5K at Cullen’s Pumpkin Farm in October, but that may be too soon.  There are usually a couple of Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving, but I might be busy that day.  Of course I intend to participate in the Reindeer Run in December (perhaps you read my blog post about last year’s event).

As I ran and figured, I started to feel a little better about moving.  Not better enough to go a whole lot more than 20 minutes, but I managed 25.  Then I felt pretty darn tired.  But that hardly matters.  The only other thing I have to do today is make my blog post (what, fold the laundry?  Surely you jest!) (and I will call you Shirley if I want to).  And here I am over 500 words.  Yay me!  Now if only I can make it LESS than a week before I run again.


Who Me? Run a 5K?

How about a Sunday Running Commentary to avoid a Wrist to Forehead Sunday later on.  At least, I will avoid a post about one.  As a worker at Monday through Friday employment (most of the time), although I appreciate Friday, I confess to some amount of angst on Sunday.  As I like to say in a philosophical tone of voice, you’ll have that.

I did not run yesterday and thought I might not run today.  For one reason, lots of rain is predicted, and Steven informed me it had already started by 5:30 when he got up to pee (we slept in to an almost unheard of 7 a.m.!).  I grumped downstairs for a cup of coffee on stiff knees and feet (yes, I’m old), feeling contented at the thought of my husband having the day off, too.  After coffee, I was hungry, but Steven wanted to do the dishes before fixing breakfast.  As I was contemplating having a piece of toast to hold me over, I realized it was not currently raining.

“You do the dishes while I go for a short run,” I suggested.  I noted that it was 53 degrees out, so I felt secure that my sinuses would not become irritated (often a concern for me).  I brushed my teeth, washed my face, got into running gear, and got myself going.

I crossed German Street and ran up the steeper side (it is kind of a slanted street), heading for the hill by Valley Health.  As I ran, I thought I would lead my Running Commentary post with the reflection that I was NOT going to run in any kind of 5K on Thanksgiving Day, as I had threatened to do in a recent running post.  To keep on schedule for that, I would have to run for 30 minutes.  I wasn’t going to run for 30 minutes!  I had just taken three days off of running (go ahead and judge me if you like)!  I was probably going to run for 20 minutes and have done.  Maybe 20 plus a few.  At least I was going to do the hill.

It sure took a long time to get to the hill.  This was more of a plod than a run.  Never mind, at least I was doing it.  Maybe my body would feel better as I went.  Only that did not seem likely at the time.  The hill was not fun, but I managed it without having a VCD attack (that is Vocal Chord Dysfunction, a breathing problem I have).  Once I got down the hill, I felt a little better about things.  I could rock this run.  Well, maybe not rock, but at least continue.  Twenty minutes?  Maybe 25.  27, same as I did last weekend.  Oh, just keep running.

I ran up and down a couple of streets, keeping an eye on the time passing and wondering how long I would go.  My legs didn’t feel too bad, but my breathing wasn’t so great.  I concentrated on taking deep, slow breaths, holding each breath in for a second or two before exhaling.  I took note of people’s Halloween decorations, to keep myself in a cheerful frame of mind.  Lots of ghouls, nice.  A few pumpkins.  Oh, one house that had a magnificent display last year was bare.  I think it is a rental property, which would explain things.

My run ended up lasting for 30 minutes.  When I was around 13 minutes I wondered if I would; when I hit 16 minutes it seemed likely, and when I got to 18 I was sure. At the bottom of my street, I saw I was at 27 minutes and picked up the pace, so I would not go over 30 minutes. It felt pretty good running a little faster.  I thought I should do this more often.  Perhaps I will.  And the Turkey Trot 5K?  Still on the table, I guess.

I felt happy as I walked my cool-down around the block.  Now I feel ready to sit my butt on the couch, crochet and watch Halloween movies, yes!  I hope to see you all on Mental Meanderings Monday.  Or perhaps I will have a Monster Movie Monday, just to mix things up a little.   Tune in tomorrow and see!


Firefighters, Here I Come!

I thought I’d open with this catchy logo.

I ended Sunday’s Running Commentary post wondering if I could find a nearby 5K any time soon.  Ask and you shall receive!  Just a couple of days later, my husband Steven showed me an article on Facebook about a new 5K right here in Herkimer, NY. It is the East Herkimer Fire Department 5K, a new race. I said LET’S GO!!!!!  It got even better.

It is to benefit East Herkimer Fire Department.  I LOVE fire departments!  They save lives and property. During the flooding in 2013, fire departments traveled from across the state to Herkimer to help pump out people’s basements.  Three different departments cheerfully pumped us out three different times.  I think firefighters are GREAT!

The run will take place Saturday, Oct. 14.  Steven is on vacation, so he can attend and cheer me on.  Later that day, we will participate in A G.R.A.V.E. Murder, the murder mystery dinner theatre we are doing to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society.  That will make for an entire fun day!

Run, then murder. Life is full for Mohawk Valley Girl!

Then I noticed that registration is through RunSignUp.  I love those guys!  It is so simple and straightforward to register through them, and they don’t try to sell you anything.

So, feeling all happy and determined to participate in this 5K, what did I do but take three days off running.  In my defense, it has been hot and humid, and my body has not been in the best of health (but you already know that; I spent my other posts this week whining about these things).  I went running today.  In fact, my intention was to make a Running Commentary post.   However, I see I am approaching 300 words, so how about a Registration Commentary post?  We’ll call it a win for Non-Sequitur Thursday.


Possibly a Pre-5K Run

I actually wrote part of a blog post while at work today (um, on a BREAK, not while working), but then I came home and went running, so I thought I would like to make a Running Commentary Post instead.

This Saturday, Dec. 10, is the Reindeer Run 5K, part of the Christmas in Little Falls festivities. I have been saying I am going to run it.  Maybe.  As I left work today, I said to my co-worker, “I guess I’d better go running today, if I think I’m going to run a 5K on Saturday.”

“If you’re going to run Saturday, what do you need to run today for?” he asked.  He was not serious.

As I left work, I was a little afraid the temperature would be borderline.  That is, should I wear leggings and long-sleeves or shorts and t-shirt?  When I took Spunky for a walk as soon as I got home, I got a dreadful hot flash.  They have been getting hotter, and they are not over in a flash.  They do not particularly bother me; I just ride them out.  However, it impaired my ability to judge the weather.

Getting back home, I noted that the thermostat said 42 degrees.  My rule for myself is shorts and short-sleeves for 45 degrees and warmer.  Still, 42 sounded pretty warm to me, and the hot flash wasn’t quitting.  Still, I had made up that rule for myself…

I put on leggings and long sleeves.  The leggings felt too tight, so I looked for a pair of fat old lady pants instead.  I had run in fat old lady pants recently and found it works pretty good.  Fat old lady pants, in case you did not know, are fairly loose-fitting, elastic-waist, poly-cotton blend.  The pair I found had pockets, which I liked.  It would be handier for my watch, for one reason.  The band is broken on my wrist-watch, so now I pin it to my pants and make it a waist-watch.

It didn’t feel too cold or two warm as I started down the sidewalk.  I had it in mind to run up the hill to Herkimer College, a challenging 40-minute run to make sure I was ready for the 5K.  I managed to cross German Street without too much problem and ran down the sidewalk, avoiding the occasional puddle.  I had set out at 3:40 (15:40, my watch said; I have military time) (um, not because I was in the army; it’s because I don’t want to screw up and set the alarm for p.m. instead of a.m.).  There was a lot of traffic.

Soon I was running up Lou Ambers Drive.  It seemed to take a long time to get to the steep part.  Cars whizzed by me, mostly not slowing down or getting over.  I couldn’t blame them for not getting over, because there was also a lot of traffic going in the other direction.  As I ran, a song I had been singing to Spunky kept playing in my head:

He’d a good dog named Spunky

His name is Spunky and he’s a good  dog.

The lyrics are not inspired, but it has a good rhythm to run to.  I remembered when I was in Army Basic Training, one of my buddies was on profile and did not run all through Basic, till the very end (“on profile” is a medical thing).  Then she had to run the two-mile PT (physical training) test.  She said she was going to sing Christmas carols to herself to keep going.  It worked for her, because she passed.  I decided to sing a few Christmas carols to myself today.  It was not the miracle I was hoping for as far as taking my mind off the hill.  But I made it to the top.

I could see down to Herkimer, which I had not been able to do the last couple of times I made that run.  It was overcast and grey, but I could see buildings. However, I could not linger and really look.  I kept running.

By the time I got back to the village and level ground, I realized I could rock this.  I thought about the 5K and pictured myself at the 2 mile mark encouraging my fellow runners by shouting, “We can rock this!”  Oh yeah, like anybody there will run as slowly as I do!

I made my 40 minutes and was pretty pleased with myself.  I must confess, I am not as pleased with my blog post, but you’ll have that.  I still haven’t quite made up my mind about the 5K.  I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, I will gather what satisfaction I can from the fact that I did not make a Wuss-out Wednesday post.


Rain, Not Lame, Run

Well, it is Friday, but I made a Friday Lame Post earlier this week, so I thought I would attempt a Running Commentary.  For one reason, it added to my motivation to run this morning.

I did not get out the door till about 7:30, but it was still pretty cold.  It had been raining in the night but seemed to have stopped.  My dog Spunky indicated that he wanted to go for a walk while I was bustling about getting ready, so I had a preview of the temperature.  Brr!  Spunky didn’t even make it to the end of the driveway.  Nevertheless, I had decided to run, I was going to run.

Another reason I wanted to run was that I could run by Ramar Liquor. No, not to buy booze!  (Not but what a glass of wine would taste pretty good right now, but I digress.)  Anyone who read yesterday’s post may remember that the business unfortunately burned down.  Does this make me a rubber-necking busybody or a concerned customer?  No matter, it was motivation to get out the door so I went.

Ramar’s is located on Caroline Street, which I often run on anyways.  I don’t usually run as far down as Ramar’s, but today I planned to.  It is only a block further from where I usually turn.  The sidewalks were wet but not slippery.  They were mostly bare with a few patches of snow.  Oh dear.  I did not want another wet sock run.  I went around snow and puddles as best I could.  The cold was not too dreadful.  Only my face was really uncomfortable.  My legs were pumping along with no problem, and my breathing wasn’t too bad either.

Caution tape surrounded the sad burned-out liquor store, but the sidewalk was not blocked off.  A few men were standing outside, including one I knew by sight as one of the owners.  As I ran by, I caught his eye and said good morning.

“I was so sorry to hear about this,”  I said.

“Thank you,” he answered.

I was glad I had been able to express some sympathy, although I suppose it didn’t really help much.  I still had the greater part of my run to get through, so of course I kept going.

It started to rain again.  First a few drops that I could pretend to myself were merely blowing off the trees, then a more steady rain.  However, it was not a downpour and I was able to keep going.  I did not feel too tired till almost the end of the run, so I felt pretty good about that.  I didn’t even mind the rain too much, although it did gather on my glasses and obscure my vision a bit.

I ended up running 30 minutes, which was perhaps less than I ought to have done (my last longest run was 38), especially considering I am hoping to run a 5K.  Then again, I can’t quite remember when and where the 5K is, so perhaps my ambitions are for naught.  In any case, I ran today.  I burned a few calories, enhanced my health, and wrote a (hopefully non-lame) blog post.  We’ll call that a win.  Happy Friday, everyone.