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Various Vampires on Tired Tuesday

It is Tired Tuesday (don’t judge), and I am resorting to my new favorite thing: downloading monster pictures from Facebook and writing stuff about them.  For one reason, I am mysteriously able to download on my own Facebook account once again.  I downloaded this one purely to test my machine:

He’s a pleasant-looking fellow.

It is a 17th or 18th century vampire burial. I downloaded it from Murder, Madness and the Macabre, one of my go-to Facebook pages.  After downloading that, I thought I would make this a vampire day and clicked around looking for more.  I went to The Golden Age of Monster Movies, always a good sources.

A new shot of my favorite guy!

Naturally I wanted to include Nosferatu, which, regular readers know, has my vote for the scariest movie ever.  I haven’t watched this one in a while.  Perhaps tomorrow I will give it a view.

Vampires can be scary in color, too.

Christopher Lee is the favored Dracula of many.  I do love the Hammer horror flicks of the 1960’s and ’70’s.  I only recall one vampire flick with Lee (perhaps you read my blog post about it).  I must seek out the other ones.

You didn’t think I would leave out Bela, did you?

What post about vampires would be complete without Bela Lugosi?  Oh, I’m sure others have written them. I may have written one myself.  I suppose your better bloggers would be writing scholarly commentary, comparing and contrasting the various vampires, perhaps including some of the blood-sucking lore and history of the legends.  And here we come to the ugly truth about me.  No matter.  It is Tired Tuesday, and I have made my blog post.  Now I must prepare for rehearsal for The Tempest (which I mentioned in yesterday’s post).  I must shake off my tiredness and act!

I hope I don’t meet up with any vampires.


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  1. Take a bite out of life!

  2. Not a vampire going on a month!You know those shards of glass headaches I have when the sun is shining? Well, I went to Dr Au for acupuncture for the first time(I went cuz I thought I had to ride the bus for a long time with someone and occasionally I find myself rolling out before my destination due to motion sickness and I didn’t want to inconvenience her) and I’m better. Didn’t know I could be better. The sun is just hot and bright now. God bless Dr Au! I still peek just in case and I’m still amazed it’s better.So, something to think about for your headaches : )Take care

    • That’s great that you found some relief! I’ll have to look into acupuncture. It’s appropriate to this post that you describe your headaches as “shards of glass,” because I believe that is how the female vampire’s voice is described in the book of “Dracula.” Take care yourself!

  3. Happy Tempest rehearsing, dear! Those vampires make me shiver and zombies make me shake.
    Trying to sound funny yet cool!


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