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An Unexpectedly Good Run

I went for a long run this morning and am determined to make a Running Commentary post.  First,  as often happens, I decided I wasn’t going to run.  It was humid, it was going to rain, etc, etc.  Then I went.

I turned right at the end of my driveway instead of going towards German Street as I usually do, just for something different.   I did not intend to run for long; I often have problems breathing when it’s humid.  Besides, it was probably going to rain.

Right away it felt pretty good to run.  Maybe I could rock this after all.  Maybe run a hill, only that meant changing directions, because there aren’t many hills in Herkimer.  Should I or should I not make a detour through Meyer’s Park?   The sight of two dogs decided me.

“Can I pet your dogs?”  I always ask first, although one dog was already approaching me.

“One’s friendly,  one’s not,”  their person said.  I remembered those dogs; I petted the friendly one once before.

Feeling happy, because I love to pet a nice dog, I continued into the park, taking the V back to Park Avenue and heading towards Caroline Street.  I had decided to run up the hill by Valley Health. It took me a while to get there (YES, I run slow, I thought you knew that about me), and I began to wonder how long my run would end up being.  Could I even go for 40 minutes, which was my last longest time?  Extravagant thought!   Just keep running.

The hill wasn’t much fun but I made it to the top and kept going on into the residential area up there.  I kept talking myself into going a little further.   After all, it wasn’t raining yet.  I even went up a minor upgrade, although I avoided a couple more challenging hills.

I stopped at the spring for a quick drink, after some arguments with myself as to whether or not I deserved it.  Who am I to judge these things anyways?  Soon I was back on German Street ,  headed for home.  As I reached Caroline, I saw two friendly dogs I have encountered before, and they were headed in my direction!

“Good morning!” I said. “I’ve petted these dogs before!”

“Yes, we’ve met before, ” the nice young man said, as the dogs jumped at me as if they remembered too.

I made it to 40 minutes by virtue of going around the block of Henry and Bellinger streets.  On Church Street, I saw Chico and Bear, two neighborhood pooches, with their person.  I happily crossed the street to pet them and exchange a few words with their Mom.

As I ran up Bellinger I greeted a man standing in front of his house.

“That’ll make you healthy,” he said.

“Either that or it’ll kill me, ” I answered.

Obviously it didn’t kill me.  Not yet, anyways, and I felt pretty darn good walking my cool-down.  As I make this blog post, the rain is pouring down, so I guess I timed it right.  Time to get on with the rest of my day!


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